Thursday, November 5, 2015

Situation Sparkle

So I feel like a terrible person.  I was supposed to do a review about a beautiful sparkle browband I got a year ago!  It came with three interchangeable strands of pink bling.  Shortly after receiving them I decided to sell Diva and felt generally sad and not in the mood to sort through all the pictures of her wearing it.
Pink that glows!
 Then life got busy and I continued to collect pictures of all the strands on all the horses.  Well here we are a year later and I'm finally writing the review.  This is a Dark Jewel browband, and first of all let me say, GO. GET. ONE!  This came as a listing on her Etsy site and the strands were already made, and she completely reworked two of them for me!
The one strand we left the same
 The options can be a bit overwhelming, but you know you are getting exactly what you want when it is all said and done.  I've done beading myself, but I tried hard to just let Amelia do her thing considering I've never seen a strand I didn't like.  (Go like Dark Jewel Designs Browbands on facebook) I did ask for one strand that incorporated black with the pink, because in the world of Redheadlins black and pink go with everything.  She totally delivered.
My favorite!
The arrived crazy fast in the mail and came beautifully packaged.
I still have child like glee popping bubble wrap 

OMG the pink!
Already playing with swapping out the strands
The strands are so easy to change, all you need is a flat head screwdriver (or maybe a dime could even do the trick).  There is a large chicago screw on either end that you just undo, swap the strand, and redo.  Easy, attractive, and nothing to poke the horse.  The browband itself is padded and made of solid leather, even after a year of regular use it still looks new.
Pink cross country sparkles
The strands typically sit right in the groove on the browband, but sadly one of them is just a little long and droops out.  Amelia said to send it back and she would fix it right up no issues.  Except I suck at mailing things and still have it.  You know what though??? That means that now I can send it back and buy a cob browband and have her shrink the strand down to fit on Mr. Prisoner!  Also maybe order him some other colors!  Amelia is awesome, prompt in her response to messages and always friendly.  Also a wizard at sparkly combos!
Gigi wearing my first ever Dark Jewel browband (best bridesmaid gift ever, thank you Alyssa!)
The strands are very solid and I guess doing my review a year late means we know they last!  I've actually used Sprinklerbandit's Dark Jewel browband and strands extensively as well and none of them give the impression of ever wearing out or getting fragile, this stuff is made to last!  I also get comments on how beautiful they are.  Possible that the amount of pink is overwhelming to some, but they love the idea and look.  My barn owner ordered two and the lady that bought Gigi last fall ordered one.  Really, if you like sparkles you should have one of these browbands.
Miss my pretty girl
If your horse is on the small side of horse or cob definitely order the cob as they are generous in size, or at least mine is.  Mine is horse size and fits big heads, poor Prisoner swims in it, but he is tiny.  Just double check when ordering.
Beautiful on every horse
The best part??? They are crazy affordable!  Get this guys, you get the browband and TWO sparkle strands for $50.00, yes fifty you read that right!  If you choose to get extra fancy beads the price can go up, but seriously you get essentially two custom browbands for $50.00!  #canteven

Now for the most difficult part, choosing what colors P-Diddy needs!  I'm thinking a turquoise/blue one and a gold/champagne one!


  1. Love mine too but sadly they are too big for Benny. :( I'm crossing my fingers that they will fit Emi or else we might need to go with the pony size.

  2. ugh i have obsessed over that etsy page countless times and pretty much know exactly what i want (tho it's all so beautiful!). just haven't been able to justify the purchase yet (boo self-imposed spending freeze....), but maybe soon? yours are gorgeous btw !

  3. Turquoise/Blue & Champagne combos sound divine for Mr P!
    Thanks for the reminder of this awesome company, you've just helped me decide on barn friends gifts for to stealthily suss out potential colour combos for them.