Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I have this friend Alyssa.  Not only can she art like none other, she can photo art like none other!  That new blog header? Yeah, she took the picture.  We totally spur of the moment decided to take some fall photos with Mr. Prisoner and I.  I shook my hair out of its bun, possibly ran Prisoner's tail brush though it and we were off to enjoy the evening light.  There are about 3 million pictures so I'm sure they will be popping up in my posts, but here are a few of my favorites.
Probably my favorite
I don't think I really look like this in real life...magic camera and photographer!

Prisoner wondering what exactly is going on
 Possibly I could lay down in the leaves and no one would see me, #haircamo

This field is always magical, see next photo
 Nothing like green grass, good lighting, and some trees.
Different day, same magical field 
Again with the equine confusion

Because kisses
 Prisoner says his mustache brings all the girls to the yard

Hello sexy horse
 Yeah, don't judge my clip.  I did it outside at sunset, yep you got it, couldn't see what the heck I was doing.  No worries though, my freakishly hairy thoroughbred is quickly growing it out.
Even Prisoner knows how to smile on camera
 Also shoutout to Sprinklerbandit and her awesome bridle collection, P-diddy really rocks this one.  I have some serious PS of Sweden lust.


When your horse poses better than you do
 I wore my grandma's scarf, she would have really liked the pictures.  I miss sharing my horse adventures with her.
Pink cheeks
It was such a fun session and most importantly, how cute is my ponykins!!!
Dreaming dreams


  1. I LOVE these! Such wonderful pics :)

  2. So sweet and beautiful! Alyssa is so talented it kills me!

  3. These are so gorgeous! I'm having serious hair envy over here.

  4. Such great pictures (and your hair is amazing).

  5. aw these are all beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous photos. That first one is what a portrait should look like!

  7. Right well this seals the deal. Either Idaho crew have to come to California or Murray and I are visiting you in Idaho so I can try to replicate these GORGEOUS pics!

    PS Come to California, we have beaches.

  8. Horse pics are the best! Fall looks good on ya both! Beautiful!

  9. Such stunning models & a fab photog.
    I needs to find friends to bribe into photographing my adventures