Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Brain Buckets

I will admit it, I love helmets.  The fit and style has changed drastically in the last 20 years, we're talking bicycle helmet to haute couture.  Shiny plastic shells, to lace and rhinestones.  White or black to the entire rainbow.
Baby blue and lavender anyone?
Karley commented one day on a photo that she wasn't sure it was me when I didn't have on what now seems to be my signature helmet.  I love this helmet so much, it is totally out of the ordinary, which is totally me!
Nerd shirt + helmet in car = winning
This used to be my signature helmet look.
Burgundy polka dots
That helmet cover has actually been on several different models of Charles Owen skull caps.  It has topped my head around Preliminary, the racetrack, and even dressage lessons.  Every one needs some polka dots in their life.
Old school video still, from actual video camera, I promise the dots are there
That picture is from Aspen Farm the very first time it ran (Autumn 2007).  For a while I didn't use the dots because I had the pink skull cap!
The mesh in the middle shows more of the pink, but alas no head on shots

Attempting to be conservative for Karen O'Conner, helmet still pink
I have other helmets that don't get used quite as often in the rotation, but I still love them.
The GPA is actually a tiny bit small (hello headache) and old enough it should be tossed.  I may need someone to hold my hand as it goes in the dumpster.
Diva! Miss her
That is a black Charles Owen, that swings towards the big side.  Good for when my hair needs contained under the helmet.  Also nearing retirement age according to the tag inside.
All the navy
This is my show helmet, Navy Charles Owen Hampton.  It has had a lot of adventures.  Sadly it also is getting old, but it has always been mostly climate controlled and never fallen in, so I'm thinking while back up helmets (GPA and black CO) get retired this one can move into more regular use so that I feel less bad when it needs to hit the dumpster.
Love navy
I think that covers the helmet collection. You know what helmet retirement and usage rearrangement means????  At some point I will have to pick out a new show helmet!  Swoon.  I really have a thing for helmets.


  1. You really have all the helmets. :-) I love my sparkle CO, but I try to save it for special occasions and usually just wear my cheap ovation because it won't hurt my soul if I have to replace it.

  2. I only have two helmets, but I love them. If they weren't so expensive, I'd definitely collect a lot of fancy ones.

  3. lol i thought i was the only one with a collection - a black suede type one k, a gray skull cap, and a black velvet IRH.... choices, right? what's not to love!

  4. Oh man, we are going to have a hell of a fun time picking out your next show helmet!

  5. I love your collection! I will hold your hand on the GPA, I swoon over that thing!

  6. Ugh I know what you mean, my CO for show is past due for retirement, but I just can't.... I mean I only wear it to shows... so that means they last twice as long right? right?

  7. Love the post!! It's funny how we get used to seeing someone in one specific helmet... Your polka dot one is now reminding me it was there before the light blue ๐Ÿ˜œ

  8. Wow! You have tons of helmets lol

  9. I have ONE helmet haha, I did have two until my dogs decided to play rough and tumble with my CO and rip all of the lining/padding out from the inside. After an hour or so of being rolled around the muddy lawn last winter it looks like I can't ride to save myself or that I ride some gnarly horses haha - caked in mud! It is absolutely non-functional now for obvious reasons, but I still can't bear to throw it out so it sits sadly in the corner of my tack shed. I'm probably one stirrup tread away from an episode of hoarders - oops. If I had a GPA I'd need more than my hand held to be able to throw it away!
    I don't know what the Dublin range is like in the US but they released a new style this season which is black with black glitter and it looks incredible when the sun hits it!

  10. If I had the money, I would collect helmets like other people collect saddle pads. That baby blue one is definitely one of my favorites!

  11. That pale blue helmet seriously looks so magnificent on you that I don't even know what to do about it. I want one but don't want to steal your steeze. Magnificent, though!

  12. One mist mind that melon & there's nothing to say you have to mind it with only 1 helmet *shoulder-devil*

  13. Is it bad that I was so distracted by your awesome jumping pics I hardly noticed the helmets?? Which is probably why I have boring helmets...