Monday, December 17, 2012

Lets give it another go

I've been inspired to try this blogging thing again. I don't want to limit myself on content either, whatever inspires or incites for the day. It could be a horse, a recipe, a frustrating experience, anticipation of a future event, who knows! I've been working on a new story so maybe i will post pages from it here and see if anyone likes it. I've been enjoying finding out about my cooking skills for the past year or so and it turns out they are not lacking. In fact friends have been claiming I should open a restaurant someday, this likely won't happen, but its fun to dream. I don't just cook, I also bake...excessively!  It can be so fun to start with a recipe, tweak a few ingredients, and walah! Some new divine concoction is born. So I've included some pictures of food from the last several months.  I wish you could smell what I do when these pictures are taken, that is half the journey of eating and cooking, the sensual caress of various scents wafting past your nose.

Pretzel rolls
Apple Pie
Peach tea infused raisin scones
Cookie fest!
Smoked salmon and feta penne
Sugar and spice scones
Roasted potato, peppers, and sausage
Chocolate Chip scones