Monday, February 25, 2013


So yesterday was super fun.  Mojito and I went for a jaunt down the driveway and I couldn't have dreamed up a more sensible brave boy.  He took it all in stride and didn't even mind the baby cows following him while mooing, or Bridger and Suzie (his pasture mates) running around on the other side of us.

Why hello

Ready to hit the trails

Gotta love shadows 
I got diva out today after a freaky snow storm this morning (which I held 7 more saddlebreds for the farrier in).
Twenty minutes after this the ground was completely white

A literal winter coat

Diva had decided she did not really remember baby cows and we had a bit of a snort fest, but it was short lived and soon they were again friends.
Diva: "what strange creatures are these"
I taught pony club again tonight, it went swimmingly.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bling, blather, and new boy

Thanks to a sweet trade Diva now has a Nunn Finer brass/havana clincher browband!  This may hold me off from spending money (that I don't have) on a superfluous new bridle.  It looks great.
A girl needs bling
It matches her cliff barnsby bridle that I used to use on my big mare Genevieve.  She was a PMU foal, a Thoroughbred/Percheron and super athletic for her size.  We ran a few novice and schooled training.  She is now doing small jumps and extensive trail riding with her new mom:)
Different bridle here (Fall 2005)
I have to laugh, 8 years later and I have the upgraded model of shiny black princess (Diva).  I am contemplating giving Mr. Mojito a shave as soon as the weather is a bit more consistently warm, he is so freakin' hairy this winter.  It would be his first shave ever, a very grown up thing for him.  School is keeping on, I had two more tests this week and a group presentation.  No grades back yet, but I feel like I rocked them all!  This is the first time is years that I enjoyed a group project, we all fit into the 'overachiever'  category and it was an enjoyable experience.  I know my last post mentioned that the project was ridiculous and it was, but the group turned out good:).

An owner claimed a new horse for the barn down at Golden Gate yesterday.  His name is Bluegrass Chap and he is 4 years old.  Eugene says he is sound and really likes his looks.  He has shown some potential but his last trainer couldn't seem to figure him out, step in Eugene.  He is great figuring out horses, we both seem to take on 'problem' horses in our respective areas of the horse world.  Chapy's looks remind me of a certain 'pollo pony that I used to have and is now living the best life with Rinsie.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunshine and a surprise

Sorry folks I've been slacking in the blog department, I blame the sun and its intoxicating effects (and also a rediculous group project in my developmental biology class).  I have had several good rides on a few horses.  
Proof of the sun, shadows!

Mr. Gunnar's first ride of the year

Diva in her new Rhino blanket, love!
School is chugging along and I'm pretty sure I rocked a human physiology test on Friday ..but don't have a grade yet, fingers crossed.  Last Monday and today I was at a client's holding horses for the farrier.  The owner is uber well off and used to breed saddlebreds and send them off to be shown and sold for big bucks.  Now she is retired and has 24 horses of various ages that she pays me to catch and hold for farrier and vet work.  I've ridden several of them as well.  Side note here: saddlebreds have to be one of the looniest breeds out there, I like a crazy horse to work with, but I am more than happy to keep my feet on the ground around these guys.
Jess: just tuning her up for two weeks for a friend

Gunnar's cute ears
So you must be wondering where the surprise comes in.  Friday I get to Flynn's (the local tack store) to work and go into the back room to set my stuff down and bam!  My husband and my dad are sitting there.  OMG!  Under normal circumstances this would not be strange but my dad is living in So-Cal and Eugene has been at Golden Gate Fields since august (no worries I have seen him about once a month).  I guess my dad's truck needed registered and smogged here in Idaho and so he drove up and got Eugene on the way.  It was a quick trip as they left early yesterday, but so refreshing and uplifting.
Lester and Charlie were happy too!
He gave me the most beautiful necklace made with Diva's hair, I will get a picture and put it up with a link to the artist soon.  Yesterday I went and did some grooming, ground work, and arena turnout time with some client's horses and they REALLY enjoyed it!  Wednesday is penciled in for riding them all.
Last night was super fun as well.  I cooked up a roast and some cheddar bisquits and enjoyed a dinner with friends including the sprinklerbandit, who also got some shots and me and Jess, (the horse, I have to specify here due to multiple friends named Jess) she is a draft cross.
I was informed of looking like a little kid, I can't help being short:)

Jess says, "whaaa use my hind end and put my head down? Not physically possible!"
So there you have it, a great week, can't wait to see what this next one brings.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Oh so cute!

 I rode! Diva and Mojito.  Diva was a phenom, I believe that the winter break did her a world of good as she was much more patient and calm than in November.  Putting a bridle on did not seem like a call to post and we even achieved some lovely slow trot.  The footing was good enough for slow work but not anything madcap so no lunging just a little ground work with a long lead rope.  My good friend Alyssa came along and got some great pictures, it was that perfect time of day with the sun low in the sky making for warm enchanting light.  Mojito was also great, but I have to admit Diva got the prize for the day.  He was calmer for tacking up, but he was a stubborn grumpy pants for the ride.  Part of the issue was the small patch of decent area in which to ride, if the whole field had been acceptable I could have done big loops and gotten him going.  Not complaining though, I mean seriously.  Two young horses + no riding in months + no lunging = perfect ride!  How lucky am I!?

Being a brave girl

Working on head down

Check  out that filled in neck!

Being elegant

Googly eyes

Charlie: the happiest dog in the world
He is only 15.1 and I still look short
why hello

Best day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Today I had a little extra time before heading to school so I stopped off at local coffee joint, Flying M.  Delish, they have the best coffee, it is mild with a punch (if that makes sense), maybe smooth is a better word.  Either way I enjoyed, I also enjoyed a bowl of their slow cooked oats.  You have to understand how good this is because at home I hate loath oatmeal.  Flying M's oatmeal is like heaven in a bowl, I must request a recipe.
My yellow purse keeps popping up in my pictures.
Continuing on with my goals (prioritize my horses over others) I oiled Diva's bridle, Mojito's is getting done tomorrow.
Diva (in the bridle) last fall Photo Credit: Alyssa

I have been looking at the footing in the baby boy's field (that is now vacant due to their leaving with the cowboy today) and have decided that it is suitable for some slow rides.  I was so impressed with Mojito's grownup attitude yesterday that I think it is time for a ride.  If not tomorrow or Thursday it will happen this weekend, woot woot!!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

More than riding

So I surpassed yesterday's goal, I groomed Diva and Mojito!  Trimmed tails and shortened manes, curried and brushed, it was a good day!  Diva was a good girl (as expected) and stood mostly still, we even did and little walk and hand graze and found out that last summer's fear of cows has been over come.
Just chillin' with the baby cows
She also spent quality time with Pat the cat.  Pat has found that standing on the tie rail with a horse is great because he gets back rubs.  He has done this for the last 8 years with every horse, some he only tried it once with and found them too aggressive for his liking.  Diva was very gentle and I think they are becoming fast friends.
Mojito blew me away!  He was so grown up and so calm.  I.Can'!  He is a very fat boy at the moment, but I like that considering we are coming off the 2nd coldest January on record for this area.  I believe that it will be very attainable to get to some shows with him.
Mojito love
I also worked on breaking in my new Blundstones today.  Shoutout to my dad here for a great Christmas present.  My mom gave me a new helmet that I haven't had the pleasure of using yet (again due to such a terrible January).  I love my blunnies, this will be my fourth or fifth pair!
Boot love
I guess you know you are a horse person when new boots get set on the kitchen table for a photo shoot!  I was at Pony Club tonight teaching about conditioning, it is fun to mentor the next generation of riders.  I was a bit disappointed at the lack of enthusiasm for learning.  I offered encouragement to them to scroll through eventing nation or some similar website to try and learn something new each day and to think of questions for future sessions.  Some of the girls there have very nice horses and I would love for them to become well rounded knowledgeable horse people not just decent riders.  I even pulled out my copy of Training the Three-day Event Horse by Jimmy Wofford for them to look at.  Flipping through the pages was a fun trip down memory lane as I have underlined and written notes in many places.  What a great book, Mr. Wofford is a consummate horseman.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Here I sit, wondering what to write?  I made some biscuits today and they were pretty tasty, but the recipe still needs some tweaking before I post it.  I am trying to recreate the cheddar biscuits at Nick and Jim's (a great BBQ place we frequent when in Aurora, Colorado.  So almost but not quite, I will tell you they do involve buttermilk, Yum!!

I am continuing to enjoy the milder weather that we are experiencing here in the Treasure Valley.  There is still some snow and ice, and paddocks are starting to look like lakes/quagmires, but it is warm.

Baby Paul and Ricky are off to the cowboy to get started this week.  This is something that my husband and I or my husband and John usually do, different plans this year since he is still in SanFran.  This cowboy is awesome!  The first time I ever saw him was at the track, he was leading a young race horse with a halter and lead rope.  Suddenly a horse gets loose on the track and starts galloping down the chute towards the barns where we are (I am on a racehorse at this point), and I'm thinking how is this going to end : / ?  *cue some wild west music here* the cowboy lithely swings onto the horse he is leading and gallops onto the track and catches the loose horse! *shock awe shock* No bridle, no saddle, young horse, OMG.  Turns out he is a really nice guy as well, one of those people that is more comfortable on the back of a horse than on his own two feet.  When he is done with a horse they go up and down mountains, cross rivers, load in trailers, etc etc.

I have also been thinking about some attainable goals this year involving my horses, yes mine.  I have the best horses I have ever owned and last year they were all on the back burner due to the racehorses and my client horses, this year no bueno.  For Diva I want to hit as much local stuff as I can, I don't really think she needs to travel far and wide since she is only 4.  Mojito I want to go to a real deal USEA event towards the end of summer.  I haven't been to a USEA event since 2009, where I ran two novice and a training with three OTTB's at Galway.  I am itching to get back to it, life has just had the terrible habit of getting in the way.  I have competed and worked on my dressage with  a lovely Andalusian named AYA Aero, he is an equine knight in shining armor.
Please excuse my tipped forward stance here (posting not sitting this lengthening)

Sexy beast
I have been working with this guy since his walk trot days.  He is also part of my goals this year since last year was slow for him too, I refuse to spread my self so thin this year that my favorite horses get ignored (this is my true goal for the future).

Signing off for the night with a step forward planned for tomorrow...a pulled mane for miss Diva!