Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas tidings and the flu

We apparently I said I was back just a smidgen too soon.  Friday I loaded 100 bales of grass hay (with the help of two guy friends) and unloaded it in the snow.  Yes, it snowed again!  Saturday I awoke to 4 new inches.  Saturday night and Sunday night were filled with fun horse people Christmas parties.  Monday involved window shopping and Tuesday I succumb to the flu.  Thank goodness for sprinklerbandit who arrived at my house with soup and juice (and dog and cat food I'd been planning to pick up that day).  I don't even know when the last time was I got this sick.  Turns out she had even planned on helping with chores at the place I was house sitting, but my stubborn self didn't realize that until I was already well on my way.  Who knew that feeding and cleaning up after two horses could be such a challenge.  Most of that day involved shuffling between the couch and my bathroom.  Morbid laugh here, I love Christmas decorations, I typically call them 'Santa puke' (Grey's Anatomy reference), well instead I just had legitimate...sorry TMI.  Anyways Christmas eve and Christmas day were pretty miserable.
Maybe going to the Dr. would be more fun if they all looked like Alex?
Funny how exhausting feeding my horses can be while sick, I mean seriously a nap after caring for my guys and my house sitting place in the hills!?  Bleck!  Even typing this has been an exhausting experience and I believe some cheesy noodles and another nap are in order before I'm off to feed again.
Pretty right!?

Before all the snow arrived
Well I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I can't wait to be riding again!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'm baaaccckkkk!

Whew time flies when you have Thanksgiving, a visit from a friend, and finals.  Let me say it loud and clear finals are over! Happy dance!
I promised to talk about the awesome prethanksgiving lesson last time I was here so here is a tid bit about it.


Ok next...just kidding;)  She was calm, and sweet, and just perfect.  We worked on bending through her body and more quickly responding to my leg and poles and few jumps.
Best OTTB's ever!

Nothing too exciting, but a great outing.  Steph had some canter poles set that were pretty long for the other three horses and every time Dive went though it was awkward, she kept walking over and checking them.  Finally we go through and she is all, 'your horse has a freakishly long stride.'  *sheepish grin* I know.  You can see in the video we aren't even going fast and Diva still covers the ground.

After this my friend from Georgia rode her twice and then the weather did this:

Yes the 'realfeel' says -21!  And don't let the extended forecast fool (it lies) you we still haven't reached above freezing, fingers crossed for today.

Yesterday for a post finals celebration the sprinklerbandit and I loaded up the horses and hauled over for a quasi lesson.  Alyssa came to and took pictures, woohoo! It was in the low 20's and felt totally passable.  Courage ended up being great and Diva ended up being a pissy mare (apparently they take turns behaving).  Still though she hadn't been ridden in two weeks and I just hopped on.  The worst she did was squeal and kick out.  For a 4.5 year old mare I can't complain.
She reminds me of an equine ballerina

That face

Yes that is ice on her whiskers, at the end of the ride

Working on not being pissy

That is our trainer with my scarf and Courage's cooler

She is starting to look so fancy

In a mood
In the background you can see the hoar frost all over everything and the snow still on the ground from nearly two weeks ago!  I have lots of kitten pics and snowy pony pics too, but I figure this in enough photopuke for one post and now that I'm on break  the posts should be regular again.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

So many fun happenings!

Do I need to be studying for a Molecular Biology of Cancer class? Yes.  So it seems like a perfect time to finally update my blog.  I've been slacking I know, but my house is cleaner and my long time friend who lives in Georgia is in town!  Also I was baking up a storm of pies for thanksgiving. YUM!
Apple raisin

Caramel apple

My kitchen is still recovering from the mess!
I was able to ride all of last week, Yeah!  But now it is raining and that is supposed to continue through tomorrow and then by thursday our lows are supposed to be in single digits.
I rode Gunner and Gigi and both are doing so very well, makes me happy!
Who needs to see where they are going?

Working on some halfpass

I love my pink scarf

Such a good boy

Redheads unite!
I also did a lesson with Diva, but that will be in the next post:)