Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday fun

I was listening to the radio and cracking up when I put songs in new contexts in my head.  Hopefully the humor sticks when no longer just in  my head.

On the radio all the time so I have the words fairly well memorized and I love singing along to most of this guy's songs, he hits notes that I can also hit, not too deep not too high.  Anyways, I think this could be the anthem for the significant others of those with horses.  Seriously I want to make a new music video with late night tack shopping and horse kisses!


Yes, I know over played, but I still love it (as does the hubby, lol).  Listen to it imagining she is a thoroughbred.  Lolz for days!  Obviously not all thoroughbreds...but you know that one who is totally like this.

Those were the only two for today, but I think I will be listening to the radio with new ears, keeping watch for 'horse' songs.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Progress check in

I am waiting on something from C4 and then I will have a great review post for you...btw love my belt!

I've had a couple more great rides on the P man.  His canter is getting more and more awesome.  He seems to be getting more comfortable with his body and the things that are now expected of him since he is  no longer a racehorse.  His walk and trot are quite adjustable and his canter is finally following suit.
All the joy
I used to be able to sit for maybe one circle before he would need me to go back into two point and now we are going around the whole arena and doing several circles and going forward and back before he is ready for a break.  I would like for him to stretch more over his topline in the canter like he is now starting to do in the trot, but it will come.

Looking fancy
Might help if I get my hands out of my crotch, what the heck are they doing anyways!?  Note to self: elbow to bit, elbow to bit.  His trot is really starting to be balanced and decent all the time so it is really time to push for more.  More collection, more impulsion, more stretch, more adjustable frame, etc etc etc.
The new normal
I used to have to start with him going quite slow until he found his balance and then I could ask for more trot.  Now, we can start with a forward stretching down trot and then after several minutes of that I can bring his head up into a solid training level frame.  All the while keeping my leg on and keeping him powering from behind.
Pushing for a bit more
His walk and trot leg yields are also coming along.  He has a little easier time yielding to the right, but there is improvement with each ride.  We are even introducing a little shoulder in at the walk and he is catching right on.

During yesterday's ride I shortened up my stirrups to actual jump length and after a great warm up we worked at cantering over a pole on the ground, the struggle was real.  First he wanted to speed up, then he wanted to drop to the trot, then he tried drifting to the left and right.  Finally we got on the same page and he was magnificent.  I really want to enforce all the basics before we do too much jumping this spring, that way when we do jump he can really excel!
Looking dapper post rail flailing
Here is a link for a great read, she makes some great points and it is something we can all apply to our horses of various levels.  Kyra Kyrklund's Smaller Steps.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


In continuation of my post yesterday I believe the rider is the ultimate accessory to their horse.  I was talking with friends the other day and said that mostly in justification of someone (not me...yet) buying brown boots.  In more serious terms though, I think it is a good way to motivate me to ride better, get fitter, blah blah blah.  Ultimate accessory doesn't refer to 'all the expensive things' so much as helping my horse be his best.  I don't want to wear things that make me feel frumpy, because heaven forbid that leads to frumpy (or even worse...fugly) riding.  I also know for a fact that I can't ride my best if I don't have a certain level of fitness.  What feels more frumpy than falling off some move you know you should be able to stick with.  Sorry I'm rather all over the place here, but what's new?  I'm kind of tying this into some of the fitness Wednesday posts, blame my red hair for doing it on a Tuesday.
Somewhat fugly position here...lack of fitness due to winter
I got to ride a friend's horse the other day over jumps and it was a total blast.  Downside?  I'm not at my usual fitness levels and felt a little all over the place, also he was doing some super awesome spook and spin moves and while I didn't come off I had one very sore thigh from hanging on.  What am I going to do about it?
Life goals and some fitness
I am going to do this every morning.  The (40 40 60) to the side are the goals from where I found this.  I think I will definitely work to exceed them.  I was actually already closer to my goals today, I think part of it is a matter of my body getting used to a different type of exercise (other than riding).  I have also been eating a little better, paleo leanings, but not hard core paleo.  I figure if I keep adding small attainable lifestyle changes I will eventually end up much healthier and it will be long term instead of a quick to fade flash in the pan.
Everything for him

Monday, January 26, 2015

Extreme Color Coordination

I admit I like to dress up a bit for riding.  I'm a polo shirt (or blouse) tucked in, belt, nice breeches kind of girl.  I have so many belts I don't dare count them, and I always want more.  If I can make my colors match somewhat with my horse's outfit for the day, even better.
Holy cow

Prisoner gives a head nod

Pony snuggles
Not only did Prisoner and I have matching outfits on Saturday, he was a boss.  Yep, again.  He walk, trot, cantered, and even started to really understand stretchy trot.  I was thrilled, and Sprinklerbandit even mentioned how nice he looked.  It was a really fun day with her and Micaylah, tack store and riding adventures abounded.
Woah I have got to fix that mane

Him trying to be crazy and pull...teddy bear style

And the other way
His trot is swingier than it was in fall and his canter is more settled.  In fact on Sunday we did sitting trot to sitting canter and he was much more comfortable with me sitting the canter than he ever has been before.  I even had to push him forward for a little more canter instead of constantly trying to slow down.

Starting to stretch

Adjustable head set
While I don't think that Prisoner really cares if we match, I am a believer in the old George Morris adage that you should always dress for success as it will give you a more serious mindset which will lead to more productive riding.  I know that he would roll over in horror about these colors...but we must remember I event.  My tack is clean, my shirt is tucked (under my jacket), my horse is clean.  No worries, if I'm ever lucky enough to ride with Mr. Morris it will be all navy and tan and white on me and my horse!

Friday, January 23, 2015

P-Diddy is da bomb

Yep, when your 6 months off the track OTTB has a month off and then gives you two nearly perfect back to back rides sans lunging, you get to call him da bomb.
Who needs the sun when you have pink!
We walked around on the buckle and then gathered up the reins and did some halt transitions and lots of stretching down.
All the pats for this champ
In the trot we did lots of direction changes and transitions with in the gait and walk/trot transitions.  He had one moment where he thought that when I asked for the walk that he should stick his head straight in the air and keep trotting...I was like you may run into the fence now as apparently I could still turn.
So many lols
I really worked on using leg before hand and looking ahead, he had a few spots where he thought about spooking, but I added leg and he just trotted on.
In love with this Moxie quarter sheet

Also breastplate love

Cute even when blurry

Check out that engagement

He dressages like no big deal

All the happy colors
We took many walk breaks and had lots of snuggles afterwards.
Love his cute face

Selfie time

Hmmm maybe not

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


So Sunday I hauled Diva and Bridger to Steph's arena which was gloriously thawed out.  Rain poured down intermittently, but somehow I timed my ride between downpours.  You may be wondering why I suddenly decided to haul in?  Someone was coming to look at them on Monday!  Diva was a wonderchild.  It has been two months since either of them were ridden and it was like she hadn't had a day off.  Bridger was trying to make the barn come down around his ears, wish I could have hauled them separately and he would have been much better.
Footing is great even when soggy

Full of smiles
I let her trot on the lunge for a few, but she really didn't even need that.
So beautiful
 I hopped on and we walked calmly on the buckle (mind you Bridger was still hollering his head off).
How many times can I say I love a horse
Boots match the arena
I tightened up the girth while she stood stock still.

Watching life

Then we calmly picked up the trot, she proceeded to be adjustable and light in reins.
Should have used the new OTTB bonnet to match the pad

Hello fancy

We went quietly up into the left lead canter and her only fault was getting a little heavy, but she also needs work in the butt muscle department, so no worries.
Looking like an event horse

More coordinated than this time last year
To the right she wanted to pick up the wrong lead, but on the third try we got it and she was again super.  Then we cooled out and traipsed through some lakes.
Much hair, many snuggles

She hid her poo in the puddle
Seriously how has someone not bought her yet????  It started raining again and I was in no mood to deal with Mr. Bridger so we packed up and headed out.  Then next day I hauled them both back.  We rode Diva first and the girl did great with her.  Diva got a little strong with her in the canter, but it was nothing to write home about and the girl seemed to really like her.  Then I got out Bridger and he was rude to start, but after a 20 minute lunge where he proceeded to just trot and whinny, he ended up also being a champ.  I hopped on and we walk trot cantered and he didn't put a foot wrong.  Then the girl hopped on and had a better ride on him than she had on Diva, go figure.  They headed home and will talk with her trainer and get back to me, fingers crossed.

Also Alyssa is home from her honeymoon and it was so good to catch up with her.  She also took all of these beautiful pictures of Diva.

And video!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Saddle time

I had some fun rides on friends horses (that have indoors) last week.  Yay for Micaylah and Sprinklerbandit sharing their ponies.

The night I rode Riesling I also wore my new Annie's breeches!  I won them on The Velvet Rider's Christmas time giveaway, woot woot!
And a scarf to pull it all together
Micaylah had already ridden her beautiful grey boy so I just cooled him down with some long and low trot and walk, hoping they do some shows this year, so classy!  Also he is one of the beefiest OTTB's I've ever been around.

All the indoors blurriness 

Horse seriously has the beefiest neck

Should have put the stirrups up a hole
 Here are a couple shots of the Annie's the day they came, seriously comfy pants these are!
Excuse the blinds...cats and dog out to turn my hair grey

Hello Easter egg girl
So I really enjoyed my ride in them and look forward to more rides and washing them a few times so I can write a review.  That color is so cute...but also rather motivating to eat less!

My next adventure was to finally visit Big Papa (Courage) and check out his new winter digs.  He is living the life, giant stall, run, indoor arena, somewhat heated tack room.  Also I wanted to see all his new toys, specifically his P.S. of Sweden toys.  I already knew that I wanted PS for my next bridle...but now I do even more.  I'm nearly dying of lust over here.

Prisoner modeling Idaho's first PS bridle back in October
 Papa was awesome, Aimee has put in some solid work with him and he is so much more adjustable within his gaits.  He still has classic Big Papa 'tude, but that's why we love him.
Um hello, let's jump!!

Ignore me, but checkout his hindend
Overall it was fun to finally put in some ride time and get some horsey kisses and hugs.