Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Snow and Sun and Such

Apparently I can only deal with so many media things at once, but the video is now submitted so I have enough brain power to blog again.
Majestic snow
Also, started reading the Outlander books again, I read the first one and a half while in Canada back in August and then forced myself to take a break.  You guys it was bad, I was reading until my eyes were in pain, AND I STILL COULDN'T PUT THE BOOK DOWN.  So, I'm back down the rabbit hole.  It is ok though this time since my arena is soup.
Charlie judging me, while using my pillow
 These books though, oh my goodness.  Can't even.
Dancer says he can't even either
 I went to Phoenix for a week and had a blast.  So good to see the hubby!  Also we won a race!  But, one of our favorite horses got claimed, it was nice to get a last win picture with him, but sad to say goodbye.
No more funny pictures of Blackie
The racehorses are doing good though, hubby has some new promising projects.  One project though is less promising and he is convinced that he should be an eventer.  Darnit hubby you should not be enabling me!  But really, the horse is already wicked good at snuggling.
Proof of the snuggles
 He is three and cute and super calm.  He will probably run for while yet, then I can't wait to play with him and keep or sell either way he will be great!  Hubby is also surprisingly good at picking out horses that will excel at their second carrer, soooo we will see.
Back home wishing it would snow instead of rain
 In case you had forgotten, Prisoner thought you should all know he still has the best mustache though!  I was so pleased with him when I got home and after more than a week off he was foot perfect for videoing in the snow.
Champion and he knows it
 Notice that cute bridle he is wearing???   Well, Alyssa ordered a bridle for miss Bacon and it was too small.  I had been lusting over it on the website as I'm convinced I can pretend Prisoner is my mini Blueberry (Valegro's barn name) if he is wearing a black and white patent bridle.  Anyways I mentioned to my husband that if he was wanting to get me something really neat that he could pretend Alyssa was his personal shopper and buy the too small bridle from her.   He went for it!  Happy 4 year anniversary to me!
Much shine, such sparkle
 I haven't even gotten to really ride him in it yet except on the snow adventure.  Can't wait to dress up with the dressage saddle and look fancy.
That face though
Well I'm afraid I can't concentrate here anymore, the swirling mists of the Scottish highlands are calling.  Not kidding, time to read.
When riding can't happen selfies do


  1. Will you share the view when you are able? I'd love to see it.

  2. Gotta love a good enabler hubby! Very majestic snow pics :)

  3. That bridle looks great on Prisoner, and I love his silly nose selfies! So cute! I recently bought a huge load of books at a used book store and I am trying not to let them take over my life, but it's hard!!

  4. The struggle to put down books is real. I actually haven't read Outlander because I'm terrified I'll get nothing done until I finish the entire series.

  5. all of these pictures is adorable! and too cool that your husband has such an eye for a racehorse's second career - nice to know you've got a full pipeline haha!

  6. I've been audiobooking Outlander, which helps me care less about terrible DC traffic. But, I'm torn. I really liked how book one ended. And I don't want to have to hear Claire be a giant emotional crazy pants again. Do I read book two?

  7. Love the photos and gift ♡♡♡♡
    Have heard good things about the Outlander tv show, not sure it's my cup of tea but can deff see how the books would be addictive!

  8. Loving Prisoner in the snow and the bridle is lovely!! Baby bay snuggles are so cute :) I have to admit I didn't like the first Outlander book but I think I am in the minority. And even while not enjoying it I couldn't put it down!

  9. Darn this frozen weather! Time to bake!

  10. Good luck! A good friend of mine is also in the top ten- I'll be excited if either one of you guys wins!

    Also... OUTLANDER!!!!! I am re-reading the series for something like the 7th or 8th time. I'm in the middle of Echo in the Bone right now. Ha, that was my mistake for picking up book 1 again being a bit bored and then getting sucked in for the rest of the series.. again!