Monday, November 14, 2011

hmmm well

It seems like I have several ideas milling around in my head just waiting to be written about, then come the time I sit here at the computer...poof!  Not a single witty sentence flows forth from my brain.  Call it writers block, call it bloggers block, I think I will call it sporadic foray into the realm of random raves.  and with that my crazy life calls me away...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Test Today

I am sitting here at school waiting for my Organic Chemistry test to get underway, I thought that a little destress by typing would be a good excercise.  Maybe I will work on a new story or some such fiction to remove my brain from the milling students around me.  The moon had just crested the tops of the trees, it always looked biggest at this point in time, almost sitting on the horizen.  The girl sat on her horse just soaking in the splendor around her, wondering if she should continue riding through the night or set up camp here.  Moon light washed over the meadow grass and ferns growing beneath the massive pines, everything was nearly as clear as if lit by the sun, so she pressed on.  With her broken dreams behind her, Sam wanted to press as far in this new direction as she could.  The future held untold new adventures and possibities, not sure when this newness would start the idea to continue through the night sent tingles up her spine.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Mojito finally came home in the pouring rain on sunday, yeah! Its cold and frosty this morning but some pony snuggles made us both smile. Now I can really get to work with him, I'm looking at a fun day show in two weekends for his first outing before our weather really goes south. Then next year I plan to really have some fun.

Monday, October 10, 2011

wet and rainy

It is a grey day, seems as though fall has us socked in.  Yesterday was a lovely sunny blissful sort of day, time was spent with friends and horses so it couldn't have been much better.  We played with Mojito over some fences, and our two babies from this year got some love and halter time.  The air has that crisp yet tired quality that fall brings with it, the mornings are cool and the land is ready for its rest under a blanket of leaves and snow.
me showing Mojito how to lift his legs

Kisses for Ricky

New family pic

Thanks to Alyssa for the great pics!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Time

So here I am, first time with a blog, mostly I just wanted a place to put down what's on my brain; from rants to updates about my horsey adventures to random happenings.  So if you are wondering about the title, the newest edition to my herd came with the name Mojito, he is a 4 year old Hanoverian gelding, about 15.2hh and grey; I've just started him under saddle and so far he is very sensible (thank goodness).  Well I guess I should get back to productive things like my Organic Chemistry homework....