Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Years End

Nope I don't have a polished recap post for you, I don't even have a polished recap video.  What I do have is an overall joyful year.  Yes bad stuff happened, but this is real life and shit happens.  I am looking forward to the new year and new adventures.  The hubby and I had an impromptu goal setting session and our number one goal is financial stability.  Hah, hard to do with horses, but doable.  Really as soon as a hospital realizes how awesome I am and hires me we will be well on our way.
I guess this doesn't equal magic money
What does financial stability look like to us?  Bills paid on time every time.  Big hay stacks.  Regular car maintenance.  Lessons/horse shows (lucky for me the Hubby wants this to happen).  Racehorse stuff.  Savings for a vacation.
Oh hey that is me at an event
With some restructuring and more strategic hard work these things are totally doable.   I am looking forward to the challenge and can't wait for more adventures.
Maybe Prisoner and I can make an appearance in the next Jimmy Wofford book
More jumps like this

Posing at Disneyland with my step sister...no joke

Ocean selfie, feel the love
Need some music to listen to?  Check out The Cab, they have lots fun upbeat songs.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas fun

While doing a little care for Prisoner's neighhhhbor (whose owner is out of town) I took the most adorable video.  Excepting my annoying voice, omg why do I have to sound like a twelve year old!?

And there you have it, Merry Christmas from Idaho!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Still here...and full of superlatives

Sorry to leave you all hanging with one of the most depressing post ever, and thank you for all the kind comments and thoughts.  I have just been flying around like a mad person, working on red tape for job stuff, cleaning stalls, riding in between rain drops, working at the tack store, hanging with my mom (who is here through the end of the year), deep cleaning my house, etc etc etc.  If I refuse to think about it I don't cry, but driving alone in my car is a dangerous place for the state of my makeup.
This guys is good for lots of love
  I'm loving reading all your secret santa posts, I've managed to miss that train two years in a row...sad face.  We did have the most awesome impromptu get together with local blogger/horse girls the other night and seriously, BEST. SWAG. EVAHHH!  I need to get pictures of it all so I can share it here.  We had good food and laughter till our stomachs hurt.  Seriously why do we have things like jobs and school, lets just hang out and play ponies forever and ever...ok ok don't answer that.
Fun times from last year
I've been getting a few rides in on the best horse EVAH! between rain storms and general December insanity.
I just want to cuddle him

Check out that new bonnet!
After our coldest, snowiest November ever, we have had the warmest December ever (notice no gloves).
Mud wallower
We are talking near 60 degrees and even above on several days.  Turns out Prisoner likes to search for the muddiest of mud holes.  He is also the hairiest TB ever, he was shaved at the end of October and he is currently wearing a sheet and is plenty warm.
I popped over a few jumps the other day and we had zero rushing!
Ghetto photoshop skillz
I thought my position would be horrendous, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I did find out that he hates loose ring snaffles with a single joint, or maybe he loves them.  Either way I had no brakes and quickly switched him back into his D-bit Dr. bristol.  As mush as I love him, he is a little opportunistic.  I need to do a post with all my fun sunny pictures from Phoenix and SoCal.
Sneak peak

Friday, December 5, 2014

It is done

So sorry for the lack of happenings here, I've be lurking and reading your blogs, but I just haven't been up to writing this post.  Last Monday was the day. My dear sweet Mojito went to join a long list of amazing horses in pony heaven.  It was just time, his condition continued to slowly worsen and the nasty ice/mud of winter didn't help. The look in his eye finally told me it was ok, he was ready.  Darn it though, it didn't make it any easier. So in a trip painfully similar to that fateful one in January Sprinklerbandit and I hauled my boy in and said goodbye.  I know in my heart it was the right thing to do, but if I think on it for more than a few seconds the tears flow freely. Daily I miss the sing song greeting of his nicker.  I know he is back to gallivanting across fields with his incredible floating gaits and the worried crease of his brow is gone.
Adding salt to the wound I also said goodbye to my grandma that same Monday.  She was slipping away and gave me a final 'I love you more' and smile before she passed on thanksgiving day. I like to imagine that she is riding on my Mojito as she dreamed of for the years she watched him out her window.