Into the Fray

I've had a request for a roll call of sorts for the sundry horses in my life..brilliant, wish I'd thought of it!  These will be in no real particular order.  I will try to keep adding to this until it is mostly complete.

My horses (current):
A 2007 OTTB.  Gelding, about 15.1, dark bay/brown, retired from racing July 4th 2014. Pedigree.
Soul balm
Diva G.
A 2009 OTTB. Mare, about 16.2, black, retired from racing July 4th 2012 (I guess I should look for horses on independence day).  Pedigree. For sale.
Best friend horse
A 2009 silver premium RPSI.  Gelding, about 15.2, grey, got as a three year old.  Trakehner/Lippizan.  For sale.
Always photo ready
Not mine:
Tenish years old, TB/QH.  Bay, about 15.2, gelding.  Has done jumping, mostly dressage now.
Longfellow horse
Tenish, RPSI, Bay, mare, about 15.2, Jumper.
Honest girl
Tenish, RPSI, Chestnut, mare, about 16.1, Dressage mostly.
AYA Aero.
Tenish, grey, Andalusian, gelding, dressage.
Sexy beast

My horses (past):
Rio Listo.
A 2000 OTTB.  Bay, gelding, about 16.2hh, retired from racing August 2006.  He was crazy, but I loved him.  Pedigree.
Would have jumped a car if I asked
No longer of this world:
Started his frolic in the clouds November 2014 at age 7.  Love him forever.
Always up for snuggles


  1. Love this page, all the photos truly capture your way with these majestic creatures. The ones you have with each and everyone is what mere mortals like myself strive to achieve

    1. Acknowledged #fatfingertypo *head-desk*
      The second sentence is supposed to sat "the bond you have with each and everyone of these horses is what mere mortals like myself strive to achieve"

    2. Again, thank you for the sparkling smiles!!!!!

  2. Bridger is so pretty!! Thanks for doing a page on all the horses. It's so helpful for new readers! :D