Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New horse!

There is a new horse gracing the posts of my blog.  Want to follow along?  Come on over www.redheadlins.com
He is pretty cute!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Having fun

I'm totally enjoying the learning curve with figuring out a new platform, I even changed up the look of the new website just a bit this weekend.  Probably the most exciting thing...the mobile blogging app for squarespace freaking rocks my socks!  Check out this post: Dressage Chronicles, it was done totally with my phone.  You know what that means??? I can easily keep posting while I am in Arizona this week!
Another great shot from Alyssa!

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Checking in here.  Thank you for all the support and visits to the new site!  I have a couple new posts up there and thought I would let you know in case you are still over here.  I know I have lost track of a few blogs when they have switched domain names.
End of my blogspot era

Start of my redheadlins.com era
Anyone should be able to comment on my new blog, either with an account you already have (ex: Google+) or by just typing in your name (and website/email if inclined).  See you all over there!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Big news day here.

1. I got accepted for the Thoroughbred Makeover!!!!!

2. I finally got a domain name and the blog will be moving to a new place!

Go check out www.redheadlins.com
Looking towards the future

It is in complete infancy, so far I am liking the platform and format.  I don't even have info under all the tabs yet, but I am totally excited to share the experience with all of you who haven't gone through this process yet.
See you guys over there!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Credit due

I'm not writing this to toot my own horn or even to pump myself up.  I writing this for all of us that get stuck looking at the daily grind and forget to give ourselves the credit we deserve.  The credit for the beautiful care our horses get.  The acknowledgement of the research we do for the products we use.  Credence to the mental fortitude to be patient and not to resort to anger or hysterics in the most trying of situations.  Most of all, today though, I'm remembering to give myself the credit for the progress of my horse.

A few posts ago I acknowledged the 'winter training elves' and time off.  I always acknowledge my horse and how great he is, how hard he tries, his talent, his memory for the skills he learns.  I might talk about the things I am doing with him, but in my own head I never take that moment to be just a little proud.  I'm not talking hubris here, just that little pat on the back.  'Good job self, this horse has made progress, you have guided that progress, you deserve a hug.'
He didn't learn to canter like this all by himself
 Do you understand what I'm saying?

Last year was a struggle, I've talked about 'muchness' and confidence.  I've talked about learning to not beat myself up.  So, I guess the next step on this journey to healthy mental maturity is to move from the safe zone where I no longer berate myself into a zone where I am willing to recognize the good things I do with a horse.
Or to use his neck like this
Instead of looking at where we are in our training and feeling upset for not being further, I need to look at where we are in our training and throw a little party celebrating the journey so far.  Ok, so we haven't been to a USEA event yet, but we can do pretty solid shoulder in, we did win a jumper class, we can canter in a manner suitable for first level.  My horse's topline continues to develop as does his confidence.  These are all things that don't happen while he stands in his stall or pasture.  These are things that happen as I take up the reins, and I put on my leg, as I reward his effort I also need to reward mine.
Hello topline development not gotten while grazing
This is for all of you as well as myself.  Remember where you started, remember where your horse started.  In your journey to the finish line don't forget where that starting line was.  It is that distance between goals in which you can so easily get lost.  So, keep acknowledging the progress, keep readdressing the direction, and always remember to give yourself credit where credit is due.
Enjoy all the steps

Monday, February 8, 2016

The good kind of crazy

So it is a big hurry up and wait game until the 15th of this month to find out if I got accepted for the 2016 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover.  Gah!  I just want to know.
He says he can't wait either!
What do you do to whittle away the time?  Have totally outlandish conversations with your friends about strategy for winning.  Just a few minutes ago I was suggesting I learn to shoot a bow from horseback and enter the freestyle portion.  I decided that since we all need laughs I would share our strategy conversation.
 Then they asked if I had the hand/eye coordination for polo.

 Then we looked at a random competitive trail riding video.

 In case you are wondering I was cleaning stalls during much of this,  hence the radio silence.
 Grunch is the coolest OTTB ever, my dad has him now and they do trail rides like once a week.
 Feel free to laugh at the autocorrect fails

 And here we digress.

And that my friends is just a quick glimpse into the insanity we think is totally #situationnormal.