Thursday, October 20, 2011

Test Today

I am sitting here at school waiting for my Organic Chemistry test to get underway, I thought that a little destress by typing would be a good excercise.  Maybe I will work on a new story or some such fiction to remove my brain from the milling students around me.  The moon had just crested the tops of the trees, it always looked biggest at this point in time, almost sitting on the horizen.  The girl sat on her horse just soaking in the splendor around her, wondering if she should continue riding through the night or set up camp here.  Moon light washed over the meadow grass and ferns growing beneath the massive pines, everything was nearly as clear as if lit by the sun, so she pressed on.  With her broken dreams behind her, Sam wanted to press as far in this new direction as she could.  The future held untold new adventures and possibities, not sure when this newness would start the idea to continue through the night sent tingles up her spine.

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