Sunday, December 1, 2013

So many fun happenings!

Do I need to be studying for a Molecular Biology of Cancer class? Yes.  So it seems like a perfect time to finally update my blog.  I've been slacking I know, but my house is cleaner and my long time friend who lives in Georgia is in town!  Also I was baking up a storm of pies for thanksgiving. YUM!
Apple raisin

Caramel apple

My kitchen is still recovering from the mess!
I was able to ride all of last week, Yeah!  But now it is raining and that is supposed to continue through tomorrow and then by thursday our lows are supposed to be in single digits.
I rode Gunner and Gigi and both are doing so very well, makes me happy!
Who needs to see where they are going?

Working on some halfpass

I love my pink scarf

Such a good boy

Redheads unite!
I also did a lesson with Diva, but that will be in the next post:)