Friday, November 22, 2013

The cold comes rolling in

Not much for riding pictures this week as it started with gallons of rain and has ended with a low of 17 degrees!  I did get to break out my quarter sheet and wool socks:
as expected Diva was a star
Diva also got to start wearing her warm and cozy spoiled princess blanket I bought her on sale last spring when I was feeling like I had money to spend.  I love it!
Plus it matches my truck and trailer, win!
I need to pick up some sleepy drugs for her so we can clip her.  By we I mean sprinklerbandit and I will tag team so that we can use less of the expensive sleepy drugs.  I am really wanting a princess crown or tiara on her behind or shoulder or both....
I was laughed at when I suggested this entire emblem
Yeah, so I don't even own any over priced Juicy Couture...but Diva brings out the princess in me, I want her to have all the things!  Also there is this princess, she just oozes cute!  Too bad cats don't like accessories.
no words for the cute level here
The other thing the cold weather brings out in me is my inner queen of the kitchen.  I baked scones.
Serious carb coma after eating these
And since next week is Thanksgiving break and I don't get to go see the Hubby I will be baking away my sorrows.  Ok so sorrows is excessive, but it worked well in my sentence.
Pie anyone?
And for a peek at how my week leading up to break went at school check out this picture. 
The eraser was a present from Husband
That was the start of a Forensic Biology test, ended up being 8 full pages of hand written calculations. Nerd.


  1. I WANT YOU TO BAKE FOR ME! That looks so yummy. Also, I still want your kittens. Even if they're adorably annoying :) I love the idea of a crown clipped on Diva!

  2. hey! I know that pie!!! WANT. PIE.....
    Would settle for cake though.

  3. :( Sad about no visit to AZ for you, but now we can clip Diva!