Monday, November 18, 2013

Finding the time

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Life is crazy and I haven't been good about a regular blog for a few weeks.  Something about school, and homework, and horses, and kittens, and such.  The hubby ran a great 2nd with our horse 'Speedy' down in Phoenix, and he is looking to enter a first time starter for a client next week.  He is enjoying toasty toasty temps, while here at home I wimped out on going to the show this weekend.  I was just going to enter at the gate so it isn't like I lost entry fees or anything.  We woke up Saturday morning to this:
A solid 2 inches of snow!
So instead of showing we cooked, it was delicious!
 Instead of marinating for 4 hours we cut up the chicken in to bite size pieces and marinated for 20 minutes.  Then dumped everything in a grill pan for 10 minutes.  Then spooned of liquid into a sauce pan with just a pat of butter and simmered it while the chicken cooked.  Came out perfect.
Get in my tummy!
I forgot to tell you all, I rode Diva on Friday and jumped in quick course at dusk and she felt great!  We even did a new scary jump, and she was all, 'what scary jump?'

Sunday the sun came out so we tacked up and rode.  Diva was again amazing, she was coordinated and scopey (my computer doesn't think this is a word, where is a practical horseman dictionary) .  My phone camera said the sun was too bright and proceeded to get awkward timed pictures, oh well, she was still great!
the non-scary jump 
2'3" here, highest one yet!
We didn't knock over a single jump, that is a first for miss priss.  Then sprinklerbandit shared her amazing C-rage and while I will leave it to her to share all about it, here is one picture.
He is so freakin scopey, seriously!  While I can imagine galloping across fields with Diva and jumping big tables and brush fences, I can imagine Mr. Courage winning all the jumper classes!  It just feels like he levitates into the air and then lands ready for anything!

Ok homework is calling, waiting til the last minute and all:)


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    1. I understand that, it is pretty from a distance

  2. You and SprinklerBandit with the food pictures! I want to invite myself over there for dinner with you guys, haha ;)

  3. SNOW! Im sure you guys aren't as in love with it as we are here in the land of little snow and lots of ice but how pretty. That meal sounds tasty...

    1. I actually love snow too, but in my perfect world it would just be during the month of December:)

  4. Look at those good ponies!!

    Any YUMMY food!