Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another great weekend

My prize from twopointober came in the mail from L. Williams, complete with the sweetest hand written card.  Yeah for cards!  I can't wait to try the products, but winter is upon us, so it may have to wait until spring.  At which point Diva and Mojito can be the shiniest softest horses ever!

Back to the weekend, Diva jumped like a champ.  Friday Sprinklerbandit came over and rode Bridger and I rode Diva on the flat and they were both pleasant.  Well, Bridger was nice, and Diva was a bit pissy.  I was cracking up at her ill fated attempts at bucking.
In the attempt to buck (swishing tail) her canter got more uphill, yeah!

This is getting to be her norm

So cute!

Nice finish to a Friday
Then Saturday was Idaho Dressage and Eventing Association's year end party.  There was a great talk by Trina Atkins about bio-mechanics of horse and rider, there was some really good information.  Then it was raffle ticket selling/ check in time where Sprinklerbandit and I manned the table.  Then food, then raffle and awards.  I won a sweet bucket with a fleece grooming mitt, apf, a hat, a bag, and a bath scrubber in the raffle, yeah!  Can't wait to use the apf.  The night ended with some crazy dancing which is always good.
Also got some good kitten love!
On Sunday I loaded Diva up in the trailer and hauled her over to play with some jumps and her buddy Courage.  It was by far the best she has done.  We did  a larger vertical and even a scary black tube.  She had no hesitation, in fact by the time we got the video she was a bit underwhelmed by the jumps and just sort of cantered across them.

Don't judge my position, bleck

She is so cute, and check out that hock engagement!
Possibly a schooling show this weekend, and then a lesson next week.  Yes, an actual lesson on my own horse, I am beyond excited!

I almost forgot to mention, go check out Hillary's contest for saddle soap, I want some so bad.  Like seriously, I will have to order some if I don't win!


  1. OOo schooling show! Sounds like you had a great weekend :)

    1. I'm getting excited...need to pick an outfit out for Diva;)

  2. wooohooo glad it made it! I always get worried mailing stuff :)

  3. Beautiful sunset picture! Good luck at the schooling show, your horses are lovely!

  4. I almost ordered some yesterday. It sounds amazing!

    1. Yes I almost did as well...except for the fact of money, doh

  5. Diva looks great! Good baby. :)