Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The clipper monster

So I forgot to mention that we finally found out what gets Diva's goat.  Clippers.
Yup she looked like this guy (who is a total diva, I may or may not have used to watch ANTM)
After our great ride on Sunday I untacked in the cross ties and then went to clip her whiskers.  I turned them on, no response.  I put them near her nose, no response.  Now she is off the track and our racehorses can be clipped without a halter, bad news, she wasn't in our barn.  I touched her nose with the clippers and cut exactly one hair and she went all:
Only instead of a hurricane it was clippers
I have never seen her get worked up beyond a twitchy ear.  Needless to say, she still has whiskers.  I will me adding clippers to my brush bucket and she will be getting rubbed with them everyday.

I rode Bridger on Monday and he finally stood still at the mounting block, win!
I rode Diva tonight and she was fun as usual.  We worked on w/t/c and got the right lead on the first try!  Then we worked on standing still, very difficult indeed.  She seems to have gotten it into her head that since she is the best at lots of things that she no longer needed to stand on a long rein, or ground tie.  By the end of the ride she was standing still, and when we untacked the leadrope was on the ground and she didn't take a step, yeah for brains!
Moon ears

Power is hooked up in the tackroom now, yeah!
 Earlier today I rode Gunner, his dressage is really coming along!  His canter actually had some self carriage.

Look mom no feet on the ground
Sit up Lindsey sit up!
Finally I have another sunset for you:


  1. Perfect gifs! Simon is like that with his ears. Everything else is fine, but don't clip his ears!

    1. She is usually so good, I was bound to find something she didn't like!

  2. I couldn't believe her reaction! Funny mare.

  3. Ramone is/was the same way. It's been a while since I attempted clipping his face so he could have regressed.

  4. In an effort to be a better commenter instead of a lurker: LOVE that first gif! And as always, very much enjoyed the photos. You always have such a great shots of riding.

    1. Ha ha Thanks! I'm terrible about lurking too;)