Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas tidings and the flu

We apparently I said I was back just a smidgen too soon.  Friday I loaded 100 bales of grass hay (with the help of two guy friends) and unloaded it in the snow.  Yes, it snowed again!  Saturday I awoke to 4 new inches.  Saturday night and Sunday night were filled with fun horse people Christmas parties.  Monday involved window shopping and Tuesday I succumb to the flu.  Thank goodness for sprinklerbandit who arrived at my house with soup and juice (and dog and cat food I'd been planning to pick up that day).  I don't even know when the last time was I got this sick.  Turns out she had even planned on helping with chores at the place I was house sitting, but my stubborn self didn't realize that until I was already well on my way.  Who knew that feeding and cleaning up after two horses could be such a challenge.  Most of that day involved shuffling between the couch and my bathroom.  Morbid laugh here, I love Christmas decorations, I typically call them 'Santa puke' (Grey's Anatomy reference), well instead I just had legitimate...sorry TMI.  Anyways Christmas eve and Christmas day were pretty miserable.
Maybe going to the Dr. would be more fun if they all looked like Alex?
Funny how exhausting feeding my horses can be while sick, I mean seriously a nap after caring for my guys and my house sitting place in the hills!?  Bleck!  Even typing this has been an exhausting experience and I believe some cheesy noodles and another nap are in order before I'm off to feed again.
Pretty right!?

Before all the snow arrived
Well I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I can't wait to be riding again!


  1. I woke up Christmas eve with a rotten cold. Clearly I should consider myself lucky! Feel better.

  2. Oh no!! Hope you feel better soon! I am praying we don't get the flu here- no thank you!

  3. Hey, it's not like you're missing riding weather or something. Feel better soon!