Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'm baaaccckkkk!

Whew time flies when you have Thanksgiving, a visit from a friend, and finals.  Let me say it loud and clear finals are over! Happy dance!
I promised to talk about the awesome prethanksgiving lesson last time I was here so here is a tid bit about it.


Ok next...just kidding;)  She was calm, and sweet, and just perfect.  We worked on bending through her body and more quickly responding to my leg and poles and few jumps.
Best OTTB's ever!

Nothing too exciting, but a great outing.  Steph had some canter poles set that were pretty long for the other three horses and every time Dive went though it was awkward, she kept walking over and checking them.  Finally we go through and she is all, 'your horse has a freakishly long stride.'  *sheepish grin* I know.  You can see in the video we aren't even going fast and Diva still covers the ground.

After this my friend from Georgia rode her twice and then the weather did this:

Yes the 'realfeel' says -21!  And don't let the extended forecast fool (it lies) you we still haven't reached above freezing, fingers crossed for today.

Yesterday for a post finals celebration the sprinklerbandit and I loaded up the horses and hauled over for a quasi lesson.  Alyssa came to and took pictures, woohoo! It was in the low 20's and felt totally passable.  Courage ended up being great and Diva ended up being a pissy mare (apparently they take turns behaving).  Still though she hadn't been ridden in two weeks and I just hopped on.  The worst she did was squeal and kick out.  For a 4.5 year old mare I can't complain.
She reminds me of an equine ballerina

That face

Yes that is ice on her whiskers, at the end of the ride

Working on not being pissy

That is our trainer with my scarf and Courage's cooler

She is starting to look so fancy

In a mood
In the background you can see the hoar frost all over everything and the snow still on the ground from nearly two weeks ago!  I have lots of kitten pics and snowy pony pics too, but I figure this in enough photopuke for one post and now that I'm on break  the posts should be regular again.


  1. Welcome Back and congrats on finals being over!!!!

  2. Yay done with finals! And brr. Our cold snap is luckily gone, I don't know what I'd do if I lived anywhere colder where it was that temp all the time during winter!

  3. love that picture of her muzzle and the ice!!

    eek looks freeeezing there!!

    1. I love that one too, way to cold, I'm over it:)

  4. Congrats on finishing finals, relaxation ahoy!

    Bless Diva she is living up to her name in those photos, yikes @ the frosty whiskers - how were you guys not frozen solid!!!

    1. Poor Alyssa, I think she was frozen solid after taking pictures

  5. Replies
    1. It was insane, I do crazy things in the winter

  6. Whiskers! Sounds like a nice outing to celebrate your freedom!