Sunday, February 3, 2013


Here I sit, wondering what to write?  I made some biscuits today and they were pretty tasty, but the recipe still needs some tweaking before I post it.  I am trying to recreate the cheddar biscuits at Nick and Jim's (a great BBQ place we frequent when in Aurora, Colorado.  So almost but not quite, I will tell you they do involve buttermilk, Yum!!

I am continuing to enjoy the milder weather that we are experiencing here in the Treasure Valley.  There is still some snow and ice, and paddocks are starting to look like lakes/quagmires, but it is warm.

Baby Paul and Ricky are off to the cowboy to get started this week.  This is something that my husband and I or my husband and John usually do, different plans this year since he is still in SanFran.  This cowboy is awesome!  The first time I ever saw him was at the track, he was leading a young race horse with a halter and lead rope.  Suddenly a horse gets loose on the track and starts galloping down the chute towards the barns where we are (I am on a racehorse at this point), and I'm thinking how is this going to end : / ?  *cue some wild west music here* the cowboy lithely swings onto the horse he is leading and gallops onto the track and catches the loose horse! *shock awe shock* No bridle, no saddle, young horse, OMG.  Turns out he is a really nice guy as well, one of those people that is more comfortable on the back of a horse than on his own two feet.  When he is done with a horse they go up and down mountains, cross rivers, load in trailers, etc etc.

I have also been thinking about some attainable goals this year involving my horses, yes mine.  I have the best horses I have ever owned and last year they were all on the back burner due to the racehorses and my client horses, this year no bueno.  For Diva I want to hit as much local stuff as I can, I don't really think she needs to travel far and wide since she is only 4.  Mojito I want to go to a real deal USEA event towards the end of summer.  I haven't been to a USEA event since 2009, where I ran two novice and a training with three OTTB's at Galway.  I am itching to get back to it, life has just had the terrible habit of getting in the way.  I have competed and worked on my dressage with  a lovely Andalusian named AYA Aero, he is an equine knight in shining armor.
Please excuse my tipped forward stance here (posting not sitting this lengthening)

Sexy beast
I have been working with this guy since his walk trot days.  He is also part of my goals this year since last year was slow for him too, I refuse to spread my self so thin this year that my favorite horses get ignored (this is my true goal for the future).

Signing off for the night with a step forward planned for tomorrow...a pulled mane for miss Diva!


  1. Awesome!! It will be fun to see you out and about again. Let me know if you want to play manes sometime--I always keep a pulling comb in my pocket "just in case".

    1. 'always prepared for emergency mane pullings' love it!

  2. Hey, one of the OTTBs at that Galway was MINE! :) Hehe.

    I would love to see you out and about too. I've scribed for your dressage tests with Aero more than once, and I remember some of the positive comments the judge gave you. :)

    1. There are some pictures of him in McCool photography's website archive, there are a couple really cute ones:)

  3. You forgot to put "go to a pleasure show to humor Alyssa" in there.