Saturday, July 6, 2013

A bit of progress

It has cooled off a bit!  It makes me feel warped when 94 degrees feels comfortable, I mean seriously I have red hair my max should be 80.  We escaped to the river yesterday, we signifying me, Eugene, and my dad who is up for a quick visit.  It was bliss.  We fished, but I mostly took in the breathe taking scenery.  Observation here, when I was a little kid I could fish up a storm, now that I am older I swear the fish bolt when I arrive, boo.

Middle fork of the Payette river

Also, hope you all had a great 4th of July.  We ran 2nd in the Stars and Stripes Handicap! I took some pictures of the fireworks, but they were lame, so I pixlred it!
The hot weather brought some spectacular sunrises and sunsets.
Trying out the panoramic setting on my phone camera
Bridger is less sore, but still needs his feet done.  We had a very productive session with the side reins, that said, he has got to learn to use his butt a bit more.  So as I was thinking over my options for this Lucy's person posted about making her own Pessoa lunging doing this!
No worries, I know that I little goes a long way with that.  Traditional side reins just don't seem to be Bridger's cup of tea, he has figured out how to drop his lower neck and impersonate a giraffe with his head, bleck.  Ok I'm off to do some weekend projects!


  1. I was going to ask if you saw that post. You could have the coolest Pessoa in Idaho! ;)

  2. I want to make one of the Pessoa systems too! Kate is so crafty! haha!