Monday, January 13, 2014

Need a horse: So Gone

So Gone is a lovely 8 year old dark bay/brown (nearly black) gelding.  I didn't stick him, but I would guess he is about 16.2.  He won 10 races during a successful career, but he is ready for the next job.  Reportedly sound and my personal theory is that if they are sound after that many years of racing there is a pretty high chance of staying sound in future careers (knock on wood).
Such a handsome guy

Full of snuggles
He raced one week before I rode him (and hadn't been ridden since the race).  I tacked him up in the stall and he stood stock still for all my tail primping and hugging and tack adjusting.  As I led him out my husband drags over this board and and says, "If he goes over this all the jumping girls will want him!" OMG, gotta love him.  So he leads So Gone back and forth over the board, then legs me up and before I even have both stirrups leads him back over the board.  Again, OMG!  Does So Gone care?  Nope, not one bit.
What a trooper, ready to event!
So I rode him around in an excercise saddle (yes there is something under me) and D-ring snaffle while tractors, water trucks, and golf carts wizzed by.  Does So Gone care?  Nope.

I didn't want to get off and if I wasn't trying to curb my horse collecting habits I would bring him home!  He was quiet, soft on the reins, not hyper sensitive to my leg, and even happy to stand still (all only a week after racing)!  His owner/trainer is asking $5000.00.


  1. Oh my gosh, he is soo quiet!! Rio would have lost it within the first second!

  2. What a pet, he is going to make someone very happy and convert them to OTTB's at the same time.
    He sounds like a right gem - best of luck re-homing him, sounds like he's going to be amazeballs!

    Also thanks for the step-by-step to adding the blog hop link to my post - It worked! :D
    Can't believe I managed something "techie" ... shhh I know you held my hand & provided me with a blow-by-blow guide ;-)

  3. Is that the correct number of zeros? He seems lovely. I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER ONE.

  4. If it was one less zero I would have really really struggled to not bring him home with me!