Tuesday, October 21, 2014


When I saw Jodi's contest promoting breast cancer awareness I knew I had to participate.  While I have not personally been near breast cancer, my favorite aunt died of lymphoma several years ago, so I get excited to promote any cancer research.  It is a scary disease even for those in the trenches doing the research.  I took a molecular biology of cancer class my last year at BSU and it was depressing.  Even the most advanced therapies and treatments have a poor outlook.  Like 6 months on one drug, 3 months on the next, and a few weeks on the last (leading to death not a cure).  Yes there are many cancers that can be caught early, removed, treated etc, but there are even more that continue to be baffling.
If I can help even one person pay attention to their health and detect cancer early then my job here is not done, but successful.

I decided to see how much pink I could pull off without adding ribbon and such.  Unsurprisingly I have lots of pink stuff.
-bell boots
-saddle towel
and I added a pink sweatshirt.  LOL all you want, pink makes me smile and smiles are important!  Poor P-diddy didn't seem too keen on smiling.  I used lipstick to draw the ribbon in his blaze and then put some on myself so I could give him a pink kiss on his nose.  Upon trying to scrub the lipstick off I turned his entire blaze pink!
Luckily he doesn't have a mirror in his stall!
I think he should always have lipstick kisses

Believe it or not this was made years ago, perfect for a breast cancer photo shoot

Peace out cancer


  1. LOVE the pink blaze. I once went to a breast cancer benefit show and dyed a small pinto pony pink. It. Was. Awesome.

  2. That pink blaze gets my vote! It is real punk rock

  3. In all honesty, when I read Jodi's post, I thought, prisoner can rock some pink. She'll be all over that. Above and beyond with the snazzy blaze!

  4. Epic breast cancer post of the century! I TOTALLY want a horse with a blaze so he can always wear a lipstick kiss! And drooling low key over your pink pearl Browbands!

  5. Loving everyone's spirit, I own no pink so I'm not participating, just donating directly! :)

  6. The perfect pink team. Obviously.

  7. So cute and funny it dyed his blaze. Oops!

  8. I knew you guys' d rock the pink photo shoot, the pink blaze hangover is a touch of genius ☺

  9. lol this is awesome - well done :) prisoner looks great in pink!

  10. Oh my goodness, lipstick kiss is just too much for me.

  11. I love the pink blaze!

  12. The blaze still cracks me up :) Prisoner is so dang adorable! Thanks again for participating!