Saturday, November 15, 2014

Before the snow

We are now buried in snow.
So Charlie is happy!
But before the snow came I had a lovely sunset ride on Prisoner and sprinklerbandit took great pics and video!

Quarter sheet weather

Into the sunset

Jumps look dramatic
He is really getting the hang of transitions with in the trot and staying steady in different frames.
Shorter steps

Looks like his neck is fascinating 

Stepping out

Fancy toes

Working on that lengthening 

Blaze face boy

Circle, because it is cool
Pretty much this post is just going to be all pictures and videos.  I love the colors and I love the horse!

Hearts upon thars

Slow mo, ftw!

Also Micaylah, who took the xc photos from the last post, started a blog!  Go check it out!  twopointstacosandtiaras!


  1. Nothing wrong with pictures. Ever! My friends are so cool.

  2. Pictures are the best - especially when featuring such lovely subjects. Beautiful images ♡
    What kind of bridle is the P-man wearing? As always he looks fabdabidozie

    1. Aww Thanks:-) I can't remember the brand, but I have a picture of the tag somewhere, I will find it:) the browband is a Nunn Finer.

  3. The pictures are great! What the hell is with the weather up there? You may have to schedule a TuP visit soon :)

    1. I don't know what on earth is up with the weather, currently -4! I will be there Thanksgiving week, can't wait! Hope we can meet up:)

    2. I'm glad that you get to get away for a few days, especially now. Let me know if you want to get a coffee or anything :) I hope that you're doing okay.

  4. love the circle pic - you both look so happy!!

  5. Aw, Prisoner is precious! Seriously fancy and adorable and everything! :)

  6. The lighting is beautiful for those last few. So cute.