Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Boots!

My mom (who is the best ever) gave me something I have been lusting after for years now.  Waterproof boots!  Luckily my tack store discount made them a pretty good deal.  After a few days of wearing them though I think they are totally worth full price, after they have survived the winter I will talk about them again.

They are the Ovation Alistair Country Boots.
Photo from Ovation Website
I ordered the 9.5 (41) and they fit perfect, I've worn them with breeches and over jeans and there is just enough room.  I have a 15 inch calf in most half chaps and such.  My feet have been toasty warm with wool socks and I love that I can do chores and stay dry!
Shut the front door
They may actually make me hate snow in November less.  The inside has cute plaid lining, granted no one knows it is there, but you.  Kind of like cute underwear.
All the cute!
The laces and buckles on the side make them pretty adjustable, they could tighten up maybe another half inch from where I wear them and loosen up about an inch.  Height wise they end just below the back of my knee (about a half inch).  I need 16 or 17 inch half chap.  You may be scratching your head about what I do for show boots...cry.  Yes I'm 5'3" with size 9.5 feet, let's just say that stock show boots are crazy tall on me.
Prisoner says stick a cookie on his tongue
I've pretty much worn them nonstop since I got them on Thursday and I haven't had one sore moment.  I don't think I will be wearing anything else until the end of spring, kidding, not really.
Now if only they actually made me this awesome, thanks to sprinklerbandit for photo magic!


  1. LOL I love the last photo. The boots are so pretty I wouldn't want to get them wet or muddy lol. :D Your mom is awesome!

  2. I am so excited to see how they wear!

  3. Super cute boots and pics! Prisoner is such a good boy.

  4. #shortpeopleproblems
    Trust me, I'm right there with you! I'm 5'3", size 9 feet and about a 16" calf. I swear, tall boot people must not think that any of us shorties ride haha.

  5. Love those boots!!! ~grabby hands~

    I'm also a shorty as well with boot problems...size 8, with a 16 inch calf, and I'm only 5'2. Whyz!!

  6. aww these pics are so great! love love love the boots too!

  7. how am I just now finding your blog?? I've seen pics of Prisoner forever
    Those boots though <3

  8. I love my Ovation boots!! And love your blog!

  9. Dang, nice vault. As someone who is 5'0, I can barely vault on Connor let alone on something taller!

  10. Beautiful boots ♡
    And i love the photos with P, you guys get the best photos...but can keep the snow mmmmkay - thanks ☺