Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Shoulders back, leg on, hands forward

Lend me wings
That has been my mantra over fences with Mr. Prisoner.  If he is soft the jumps go well, if he is crazy I do my best to stay out of his way and let him figure it out.
Spring is glorious this year
He seems to be getting the idea and on Sunday we had one of our most consistently good jumps schools to date.
Warming up

Smiles for days

Pretty sure we have the same expression here
Sunday was generally a pretty great day, Alyssa came and played too!  Her and Bacon were awesome!  I mean seriously check out her leg and Bacon's knees!  The course I'd set actually rode really well.
You know it is me with the camera when the photo isn't centered
Not to scale
You could ride every jump in both directions, ride the lines or just use each jump as a single.  Fun times, lots of courses.  After helping Alyssa and another barn friend, I warmed up Prisoner and popped over some small warm up fences.  He was so good I almost stopped then and there.
No world beating form here, but I like how soft it is

Gate like no big deal

Just cantering over it

Never tire of his blaze face
Alyssa was nice and put the oxers (darnit Blogger how many times do I have to tell you that is a word?) back up (they had gone down for the rider between her and I).  He wanted to get excited down one line, but we pulled up and regrouped and then tried again.  Other than that life was good.
Possible pink overload
It took a few tries to nail the downhill bending line and when we finally did I called it a day.
Something about this picture speaks to me, #jumpingintothefuture
Wheee, best day!

Blame it on my gypsy soul (incase you were wondering what my shirt said.


  1. What a gorgeous pair you two are.

  2. You guys look GREAT!
    Also, your black and pink ensemble is totally on point :)

  3. You guys look great! I love the matching ensemble as well. I need to get more matching stuff for my boy!

  4. Ah, it was such a good day! Minus the sun toxicity, ha!

  5. lookin great!!! love that course too - i'm always trying to figure out clever configurations for maximum coursework with minimal set up haha

  6. Love the matchy-matchy & the joy working that comes across on the photos of you guys working together.
    What a classy combo