Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Words

So I'm sitting here trying to come up with content and scrolling through facebook (not always a great idea), when suddenly I find this:
Apparently my most used words
I actually thought is was pretty cool, one of those facebook quiz generator things (that I'm convinced will one day infect my phone or computer but are too tempting to not click on #Iknowyouareguiltytoo).   Then I remembered that Nicole is running the Haiku contest and I thought I should use some of my most popular words and also make Haiku art.  So here you go.
Before I refreshed my memory on counting syllables, #overthinking
Mostly I think I just wanted to play with pictures
Can't Haiku
I actually like playing at writing poetry, but the haiku is not something I have experience with, not like I need to tell you that after reading them.  Either way totally fun.


  1. I love your picture haiku mashups!

  2. I love it! I did the word thing on FB too and, not surprisingly, my most used words were my horse's name, breed, and western discipline lingo, hahaha. My poor non horse friends hear about trot-work and ranch work wayyy too much.

  3. I love the pictures! They are awesome

  4. aw these are super cute!! i love word clouds too and am always a little surprised by the results ;)