Thursday, August 29, 2013

Project Trail Ride

So last night the sprinklerbandit and I took Diva and Bridger on a trail ride around the 100 acres.  Diva won every first trail ride prize available.  No spooks, no jigging, no nothing, it was all head down blazing trails.  The only moment she needed a hand was figuring out the terrain change from grass to creek bottom with about an 18 inch drop.  Enter Bridger, he was passable, no spooks really, but lots of distracted wandering with his head straight in the air.  His time trail riding with the cowboy came through and he led the way during terrain changes, then Diva would cruise back to the front.
So chill
Diva also got to borrow a bridle with pretty blue bling, such a princess.

Bridger wasn't great, but wasn't terrible...until the headbutting incident. He was distracted, but they both dealt with the other horses running around the place like maniacs. He managed to lead the way through the creek bed.  He didn't leap around.  But he was a spaz, walking sideways checking things out, jigging, doing his rude I will pull you out of the tack move (also called head slinging).  I was wondering about his ability to deal with new cross country courses, but he is only 4 and may get better.  That said, Diva is only 4 and was perfect.  So we were headed back towards home, both were doing great, no speeding up, Bridger starting to relax and walk out with his head out of the stratosphere.  Then bam!  The sprinklerbandit turned around with rather large eyes due to the expletive leaving my mouth at high volumes, oops.  Bridger does some goofy move with ninja speed that involves smashing the front of my face with his, I'm still not clear on how he managed this.  I thought for sure I would be spitting a few teeth out between the tweety birds circling my head.  OUCH!  Good news, no loose teeth, no more headache this morning, just one fat and bruised lip (this will look really classy at school today).  We finished the trail ride and then I put him to work for a few minutes and after working through his obstinate streak we got this:
Photogenic dude

lovely evening
We didn't get a shot of the trail ride as no pockets were big enough for safe phone carrying.  I have a belt phone holder coming in the mail.

Yesterday started with the most glorious sunrise:


  1. Looks beautiful. Sorry for your fat lip. It's awesome that Diva was so great though!

  2. Glad you are feeling better, knocking your noggin is no fun.

  3. I have a belt phone holder in my car and never even thought to pull it out. Whoops. :p Glad you are feeling better!

    1. Well next time it sounds like we can both take pictures:)

  4. Hope your lip is doing better. Hate when they smack you in the face like that!