Monday, August 26, 2013

The Pink Tiara

Yes, you read that right. I went to a friend's bachelorette party and we all wore pink tiaras, mine is now on Diva's browband.  Where else would it be?
Such a princess
 With the sprinklerbandit wielding the camera I went for a ride with the pink tiara and it was again amazing.  At this point in time she is so not for sale.
Omg this trot
She is still so green, has no concept of on the bit, can you imagine what this trot will be like when self carriage starts showing up?  Also, her idea of excited or spooking is so under developed it is laughable (and awesome).  See here:
She is so cute
Her so called friends Mojito and Bridger (mostly Bridger) decided to run pell mell around the field screaming her name and all she did was a quick shimmy sideways and then go back to walking.  You can see the culprits in the bottom left picture pretending to be innocent.  There are even more great pictures but I am off to hopefully clinch the deal on Aero's sale, she absolutely adores him!

Ok Ok one more, I went an the best trail ride with an endurance friend of mine on one of her arabs, so fun!
That is the most incredible red rock canyon with a creek in the bottom, actually it is the same creek that goes through the 100 acres.