Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What happened to summer?

This isn't in the sense of temperature, still mid 90's here, this is in response to my first week of school commencing.  I had a friend text me today, 'what happened to our pinterest summer?'  We had grand plans of choosing projects or recipes from our pinterest pages and actually doing them...not one happened.  Maybe we will make up for it with winter and fall cooking.  My classes are going well so far and my schedule is pretty cool.  I've got Molecular Biology of Cancer, Forensic Biology, Advanced Developmental Biology, and Anatomy & Physiology.   Ology, ology, ology.   Two more classes in the spring and I will have a Human Biology degree!

So Aero passed his vet check with flying colors and now we are waiting on the results of the final wife/husband conversation.  Pins and needles here.
Gonna miss him

Last night I headed out after class and lunged Bridger and Diva with some sidereins (the leather and elastic kind).  I forgot my riding boots so it was a tennis shoe forced session.  It went well, Bridger was a champ and really started to figure it out.  This was a large improvement over his last session with them when he became part contortionist and still had his neck inverted and head in the air.  I've been planning on making a 'pessoa' for him but it hasn't happened yet.  His trot gets better and better, there is some real stretch and suspension starting to form.
So handsome

Diva did ok as well.  She hadn't been lunged since last fall and that was with the loosest of loose sidereins.  I put them on still loose but asking for her head to not be giraffe like and we went to work.  I forgot the lunge whip and she needs one, we muddled through.  To the left she was all business and put in some lovely head down trot.  To the right she was all, 'what is this bit in my mouth? I can't turn!  OMG, I can't breathe, these sidereins are going to kill me, ahhhhhh.'  Hmmm, ok. So I took them off and she was, 'la la la I'm trit trotting on happy happy circles with my head down.'  Mares.

Fast forward to today.  I rode the two of them and Bridger accepted the bit from step one right through the ride to the last step.  I was really proud of him, he has settled in and is even better than pre-move.  I was impressed with his soft mouth and flexed neck.  In fact I will not be using sidereins on him again soon as he was wanting to curl a bit.  Can't wait for happy medium.

Diva was also good, not as on the bit as Bridger, but starting to figure it out.  Her unflappable personality again blew me away today.  Mid-ride a neighbor showed up with truck, trailer, and horse.  Diva said, 'Whatevs.'  Seriously that's it.  We even rode over and said hi, (Diva, 'Yawn, don't waste my time with these plebeians').  Don't try and tell her it was another ottb black mare (it was).

And as promised a few more pics from tiara day.
Waxing poetic

Awkward faces

Um I need a tiara too!