Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chestnut Mares

Gigi is doing great post foot abscess.  I think the break was actually good for her, she just seems more ready than normal to work each day.  I've been really pleased with the progress she has made this summer in really using her back and also her self carriage.  She is lighter in the bridle than she was 6 months ago, and more consistent through her transitions.
Engaging the hind end

All the uphill

Matching tails

Redheads on fire

Canter halfpass

This mare has the most incredible lateral work

Free walk bliss

Shoulder fore

Love her in Diva's bonnet
As usual thanks to Alyssa for the great pictures!

There is always room for more work.  I would like to get her hind end even more under her, and to get more relaxation through the underside of her neck.  More work stretching down and lots of transitions (always the transitions) will help with this.  Also transitions within the same gait, forward and back while keeping her sling (tummy) muscles engaged and neck low.  She has such a great work ethic, it is really enjoyable to work on each small thing and then watch the whole picture improve.


  1. She looks amazing, you guys are killing it. I wish you were closer to me & could help me rude half as good!

    1. You are too sweet! I wish I lived closer too, we could have so many horse adventures!

  2. Awesome pics, she looks like she enjoys her job!

  3. Wow, you two are looking so amazing!! She looks happy too, which is the best thing :)

    1. Thank you, she is really such a pleasant mare!

  4. She sounds like a really cool horse to work with. Great pics!