Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tack Swap Blog Hop

So I need to sell some tack, or trade some tack, or something.  Thanks to the 900dollarfacebookpony for organizing!

1. Cliff Barnsby brown full size bridle with flash and padded crown.  This bridle has served me well, but I'm just ready for something different.  While it has a lot of miles it still looks almost new.  It was cleaned and conditioned regularly (and yes those are the original and reins, I also have the flash). $90.00 includes shipping

2. Vespucci black full size figure 8, monocrown. This bridle is absolutely gorgeous!  Beware though, this Vespucci model is known to run large, it is too big even for Diva, you will need a blockier type head to fill this up.  Used condition, with extra holes in the flash strap so it actually fits a horse instead of an elephant.  While used, I would still show in this, again it was cleaned and conditioned regularly. $100.00 includes shipping

3.  Brand new (ridden in once) Grand Prix zip field boots. Size 9.5 (fits like a 9), wide calf, reg height.  Beautiful, soft, will be almost no break in time...but way to tall for me.  The joys of being 5'3" with giant feet. $275 obo, includes shipping.


  1. Grrrr, I'd love those boots but I'm a shorty too...5'3". Do you think they'll drop at all to be a better height?

  2. I'm SO SAD the Vespucci is black! Not that I need a figure 8 for my hunter... or another Vespucci bridle for that matter.

  3. Wah, wish the Vespucci was a flash noseband or that I had a black jumping saddle, lol.