Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Like a Boss

So believe it or not I haven't jumped Prisoner in about a week, I can't wait to go over some (thinking Wednesday).  His flat work is really improving.  He seems to understand what I am asking of him, and what the general expectations are for each ride.
Expectation #1: Look cute!
This one month off the track walk/trot/cantered around the pasture like no big deal.  It was so much fun!

Then he had Sunday off, and today we dressaged.  I use the term loosely, but we even had some legit sitting canter.

To the right he feels great, to the left he is willing to bend, but not actually give.  What he is doing is popping his outside shoulder, so if I actually do a little counter bend here and there he stays on top of himself better and starts to give and stretch down.

Also, check out who is finally back to work after fighting with a hoof abscess for over a month!
YAY Gigi!
 Last week we won two races in one night!  It was a good time, check out all the smiles.
Me, Sprinklerbandit, and Alyssa.  Photo credit: CLS Photography


  1. Woot woot! Prisoner IS a boss :)

  2. Expectation #1 met on a minute by minute basis to be fair ;-)
    He is so bad ass - Yay Gig I healing & getting back to work. Love that you have so many cool ponios to play with.
    And legit winning racehorses to boot - you live the life man! ♡

    1. Lol, yes it is. I am fairly spoiled when it comes to the horse dept:)