Thursday, January 28, 2016

Time flies

When you are having fun, and that I have.  My mom came and visited for a few weeks and I even took her on a trip to Phoenix to see the hubby and racehorses.
Dancer dancing
You really can't go wrong with racehorses and palm trees.
Dancer showing off his muscles and reach
Yes, the rider is sticking his tongue out at me.  Winter seems to me loosening it's grip here in Idaho which thrills me to no end.  I was in serious need of some saddle time.
Bits of pink to brighten a grey day 
The first few rides were in an arena sloppy to two inches down and then frozen, it seemed divine after weeks of being under snow and or frozen solid all day.  Prisoner was a good boy albeit tentative about the footing.  We walk trot cantered about and enjoyed ourselves though.  He was just slightly dragging his hind toes and not quite stepping all the way through with his left hind.  I wonder if he will have some stiffness in that leg from when he sliced it to bits this summer, either way now that the footing is truly good he is perfectly marvelous.  
Tiptoeing through the slop
 I can't remember if I shared with you guys about that leg slicing incident.  It was the day after I returned from our week in Montana (Rebecca Farm) and Prisoner promptly lost his mind in turnout.  I just missed seeing it happen (which I think I am grateful for), but I could see where it happened.  He had gone careening around the pasture and misjudged a turn.  He slipped into/over the fence line.  It was a t-stake so it bent over which probably prevented more damage and thank God it had a cap.  With out the cap there is a high probability that my horse would have been put down.  He had one shallow slice across his belly and with out that cap it might have just stuck right in and gutted him, but it didn't for which I am forever grateful.  The main injury was slice down the front of his left hock.
Day after it happened
The top T shaped part almost needed stitches but not quite.  I doctored it up, assured my barn owner I wasn't upset with her (horses will be horses) and he promptly got over a week off.  He was lame for a couple days and then we haven't looked back until the other day in the cold and bad footing.  Something I will be keeping in the back of my mind.  It took a while to heal.
A few weeks later
He still has a white scar running down his leg, but compared to a dead gutted horse I am thankful.
He says no worries
 Total rabbit trail there, sorry guys.  The beautiful grey boy has also been lovely to start legging back up.
Hugs for Tudor


  1. Yay glad to hear you have been having so much fun with family and the gorgeous guys.

  2. I happen to know you have WAY more pictures than that.

  3. Glad you're getting pony time! I'm hardcore about caps on t-posts after a capless one nearly killed me in a nasty accident years ago (medevacs are not a fun adventure). Thank God Prisoner is okay!

  4. that cut is gnarly ugh, so glad it wasn't worse! sounds like a nice visit with your mom tho, and glad to hear Prisoner is doing so well!

  5. Oh my god. Glad that the accident was no worse than it was! Heal up, Prisoner!!

  6. Hope the weather continues to warm up so you can ride more :)