Saturday, January 30, 2016

Training elves

Last week Sprinklerbandit came and had lunch with my mom and I and then came to the barn with me, yay friends, food, and pictures!
That stretch though
I was soooooo thrilled with my horse!  I kept it easy since he is rather soft after a couple slow months, but he answered every question I asked.  His walk was forward and swinging, his trot was ground covering and loose, and his canter was worthy of a dressage test.
Stupid hands
Ok ok, so maybe not dressage test worthy yet (as in what the heck are my hands doing), but overall a great ride.  I swear that the snow elves were training my horse while the arena was unusable.  Also, can we just notice how great he looks in this bridle?
Pink, purple, and snuggles
I was working hard to stretch my leg down as it has a tendency to creep up in the winter months, also I obviously need to get my hands out in front of me.  I am excited to be planning on some dressage lessons with my old dressage trainer.  I grew up in his barn and over the years have taken some of my client horses in for occasional regular lessons, but I haven't ridden a horse of my own with him in something like 7 (?) years.  I am really pumped to have one nice enough to be worth the cost!  He is someone who I can communicate with nearly no words.  He gives you excersices that you can do on your own time, and quiet moments during the lessons where you can think and absorb the information.  Often during walk breaks we discuss theory and ideas before picking up the reins again.  He is unapologetic, but never berating.  If the word 'good' actually escapes from his lips you know that you have truly earned it.
Life advice at the wedding
Yeah, you know I wore a princess dress.  Even when I don't see him all that often he is still there for me, he is my second dad.  Anyways, can't wait to get his help guiding Prisoner in his training.
Also he can yell at me to sit up

Snuggly pony dressage

Holy hind end
You see him reaching with his hind end in the canter?  We have worked very hard to get there.  I have to give time off its due credit though.  Nothing like a nice winter break for muscles to heal and the mind to be revived.  Now to get rid of my winter break flab!


  1. Lovely bridle! I think the elves have been training Apollo lately too, he's been so good! Your coach sounds amazing - awesome that you get to take some lessons with him and Prisoner :)

  2. I have a horsey mentor from way-back-when as well, and they're so special. Your pony looks ah-mazing in that first picture!!

  3. So jealous of your weather! We are in major winter snowy wonderland. And I agree- sometimes some time off can do so much for an equine brain!

  4. aw Prisoner looks so good!! cant wait to hear more about the lessons too, i'm sure your trainer will love the horse!

  5. I think giving them a few months off (or at least an easy work load) is so good for them! He's looking great and you'll knock the rust off soon enough!

  6. Very exciting! He is looking really good :)

  7. You guys look lovely! Can't wait to hear about the lesson

  8. Yay training elves! Now send them to me.

  9. His white face is REALLY blindingly white, lol <3