Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Sunday in the Sun

Thank the Lord, the sun shone today.  It got to a balmy 32 degrees and I got horse dirt under my fingernails, yes that means I did some grooming without gloves, joy of joys!  The day started off with some tasty coffee at a local joint that seems to channel my own personal music choices,

 then it was off to do some ground work and grooming with a client's halflingers,

 I moved some hay and finally finished off the evening with dinner and friends (including sprinklerbandit).  While turning my eyes towards the glorious golden orb in the sky I waxed a bit poetic: as the sun touched her cheeks with a rosy paintbrush her woes and worries drifted away and dreams again rose to the surface.
While it was still cold I was able to capture one more great frost shot.
Winner winner chicken dinner (blue and red blinkers)
And finally for a wonderful finish for the day my husband won a race at Golden Gate Fields with Lookn Wild!
So the sun came out and life rocked.

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