Thursday, January 10, 2013

Still in the snow

Wow, it doesn't stop, the snow.
Snow hanging onto the chicken coop

 I am blown away, we don't normally have such an intense winter here in the  Treasure Valley.
The door to the garage/feed room was blown open today and the snow blew right in

 It is making for some great pictures and fun times.
sunsets are nice

My fence seems to be getting shorter with all this snow

Charlie conquers the snow mountain!

Diva and Sadie say ride us, we won't be silly, wink wink

I am itching to ride, it has been too long.  Riding is something that flows through my blood, it completes me, but sometimes I get tired or lose a little inspiration.  I believe this happens due to the fact that I ride horses as my job and am spread super thin. So a little forced break puts that spring back in my step, I do a little YouTube therapy and by the time I step my foot back in the stirrup  I am again ready for my dreams of the Olympics and the day to day grind.  I'm not whining, I know I am so incredibly lucky to have my 'job' also be my passion, I'm just human and I get tired.  But enough of that.  This snow brings back memories, memories of the north Idaho palouse.  I learned to ride up there on an incredible endurance Arabian stallion named Pepper.  He taught me more than just how to post a trot, he taught me how to dream, he taught me how to feel.  As a little kid life threw a lot my way and I was pretty shut down, Pepper tore the shutters off, he let me laugh again.  Up on Moscow Mountain we rode through snow deeper than his belly, we wore face masks against the cold, toe warmers and layers upon layers of winter clothing to stay luke warm.  It was like riding through Narnia up there, majestic pines flocked with white powdery snow.  Cabins with smoke curling up from their chimneys, deer, elk, moose, owls, and tiny mice, views of miles upon miles of rolling snow covered fields. Those trails were places for healing, for cathartic release, for growth, those trails were where I learned that life was something to be amazed by and to find a reason to smile no matter how weighed down one feels.


  1. I keep thinking about how much freezing mud this is going to be when it melts. Ugh.