Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Staying in the snow

The snow came down fast and furious yesterday. I love the way it looks falling out of the sky, snow makes the landscape and the characters in it serene. I grew up with feet of snow not inches as we get here, I miss it. I know I know snow is not conducive to making a living riding horses without an indoor, but I'm choosing to look at the joy it brings my eyes and soul not the sorrowful tatters of my pocketbook. I have been loving watching Charlie the dog play in this mysterious white fluffy stuff. He seems joyful and confused in alternating moments, getting absolutely covered in ice. Lucky for him he has enough hair for 3 dogs and doesn't get cold. Upon seeing a picture of Charles with a nose covered in snow Eugene commented that he (the dog) needed to go to rehab ;) The horses have been fun to watch also. Little Sadie is spending her first winter out of California and is not sure she enjoys the snow tickling her ears and nose. Diva and Suzie both seem set on playing as much as possible to the annoyance of their pasture mates. I should get a video, I swear they kick up as much snow as possible with each step.  Mojito, Paul, and Ricky have trails cut cross cross about their field, it is interesting to see what areas they find intriguing enough to explore.  I know this is going to turn into a muddy disgusting mess at some point so right now I'm going to just enjoy the view and maybe toss a few snowballs!
Suzie and Bridger waiting for breakfast
Charlie says rwar!
Mojito the snow pony
Diva the vacuuming horse
Bridger eating hay, Charlie eating ice (ice baby)


  1. The snow isn't bad at all -- I like it too! I'm not a fan of driving or riding in it, but I do like it. Makes for cozy days inside. :) Also, I love the "nom nom nom food nom" picture. Not sure who that is, but it's cute!!

    1. The head shot with the hay and grain is miss Diva :-)

  2. So not looking forward to the mud, yikes. Or the ice. It is pretty fun to fluffle through though.