Thursday, January 17, 2013

Frosted world

No surprise here, it was cold again today.  It started out around -2 and reached a toasty 15 (and yes we are talking Fahrenheit here).  The overnight freezing fog made for an incredible landscape.  It looked like every inch of outside space had been flocked like a Christmas tree.  Even the horses were frosted.  The beauty of the landscape seemed to try to make amends for the liberties this weather is taking with my mental health.  I'm tired of hauling buckets, I'm tired of breaking ice, I'm tired of falling on the ice (yes I've done this multiple times), I'm tired of the mystery of frozen water valves.  I apologize, I really shouldn't complain things could be so much worse.  What the real problem here is, is that I can't ride in this frozen tundra and it is grating on my nerves.  Solace, peace, wholeness, rhythm, and groundedness are hard to find without the back of a horse.  The steady sounds of hoof falls, the steady puffs of steamy breath, the way the horses sides give strength to your legs, the oneness of being partners with such a magnificent and noble creature, these are the things I miss when I can't ride.  I guess I could ride, but slipping around on ice and snow risking the health of the horse and myself does not seem like a good gamble, I can wait (barely).  So today I took advantage of some pony snuggles and kisses, as always they were quite therapeutic.

Valladara in a frosty frame

Roanie pony

Roanie pony with frost (and horse
 of different color  Photoshoping)

Sarrow in a frosty frame

 I played with some Photoshop effects on the pictures.
I also took advantage of some Lester the cat and Charlie the dog cuddles!
My animals crack me up!

Lester rocking his signature 'flat ear' look

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