Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jumps and a Dress

Ok first things first, pics from dress up day for the wedding.  So I managed to not take any of Eugene and I at the actual wedding but I took two of myself before I headed over.  I'm hoping the wedding photographer got some of us dancing, it was epic.  I was sore for three days after the festivities and I got to watch my amazing husband break dance.  I've heard stories of his mad skills, but never witnessed them, turns out it is not a myth.  He was freakin' spinning on his shoulders on the floor and came to a stop in a slick legs crossed with one knee up and head on hand recline. O.M.G!
Not as cute as this cat, but same slick moves
Ok so here is a close up of my hair, done all by myself:

So I put in a loose ponytail and then flipped it in itself three times until I had short ends left and then I tucked them in with bobby pins.  It stayed in all night even with the vigorous dancing.

On to the dress, it was borrowed, but fit perfect and I felt super elegant.  Paired with a smokeyish eye, a little lipstain, some bling and pearls, and gold sequin heels, (purchased for 8$ at an awesome used clothes store) I was set to go.
I know terrible pic, can't even see the dress due to the mess in the background.
So fingers crossed for some good professional photographic proof of the epic night.

I bet the title made you get ready for some jumping pics of Diva?

Ok Ok here is one, full write up tomorrow.