Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Mojito

His Teeth: finally done!  His attitude: fabulous!  My Mr. Mojito is back in action.  The humorous part about this is that I finally did the last few rides I still owed his old owner on her horse and so officially got his papers on Sunday, the first day I have worked him in so long.  Sublime.
Pre mane trim, looking like a fatty

Truly never thought I would have a horse with one of these

Such a snuggle bug
So Sunday I lunged him so he could get the feel of the bit without any pain from his pointy teeth.  He was good, checking things out, realizing it felt fine.  Then he threw a fit (I was all seriously!?), finally we stopped and I looked him over and noticed that the bit seemed really tight for no good reason.  WTF are there bit imps pulling it around in his mouth?  No just my oraly fixated horse sticking his tongue over the top of the bit for grins and giggles.  I fixed it, life continued on in a normal manner.
awkward angle here
Check it out a nice frame even without side reins attached.  He is a lovely.

Then today I rode him.  He stood still to mount, walked nicely and there was none of the don't you dare touch my mouth attitude.  He gave to the bit, trotted around (after some swift kicks saying yes you do have to go) and that was it.  Side note: the wind was howling.  He is gonna be fun.
Lookin at the world

Post ride bliss
Oh and he ground ties.