Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Miss Legs

*not me*  Diva on the other hand seems to have suddenly figured out where all her legs go.  Yesterday while riding around with sprinklerbandit she caught a few pics of Diva looking great.  While on her back I was thinking that things were better than passable.  You know, improvement, but nothing to write home about.  Then I saw the pictures, wow, Diva may in fact do very nice dressage down the road when her butt is more muscley.


It was rather windy and made for the awkward tail
Her canter is feeling pretty good too, but can get downhill.  I'm not stressed about this currently as she is only 4, keeps growing, is low on muscle, etc.  I think as she get more strong and mature the canter will right itself, she is a thoroughbred after all and they are bred to have a balanced canter/gallop.
The most uphill shot we got.
Pretty frame lets just tip it up
So no complaints here, probably some jumps tomorrow, lots of school, rides on Mojito and Bridger...and Mom comes to town.  Be ready for tales of more adventures!