Thursday, September 26, 2013

Some nice rides

So the excitement that was back to back horse show weekends has died down.  I have been enjoying the fall weather and getting rides in on my ponies.  Diva is feeling great again and if we did a walk trot test tomorrow I think she would get a solid 35.  Her flat work is progressing leaps and bounds with each ride, I also predict that the next time we jump she will feel super as well.
Yes those are jeans

First ride since the show

If only I was sitting up

Elegant princess horse
Bridger has also been doing awesome, if I keep him in his comfort zone with a little pushing of the limits here and there he does well.
His canter is getting more balenced

Fun times

He will be fancy too!
And then there is Mojito.  I had a few very pleasant rides on him after his teeth got done.  Then the other night a friend came out and rode him while I rode Bridger, every time she would try to pick up the trot he would do a tiny hop/buck and stop.  He was fine in the walk so we cruised around all over and then got off pulled his saddle and I lunged him and he was fine, strange.  So we put them away and I thought about it on the way home.  Suddenly it hit me, that was his first ride with someone other than me in the irons!  Problem solved; not.  I went out to ride him two days later and he started doing the same thing with me in the walk!?  I wondered if his back was hurting, I stood in the stirrups with my weight more over his withers and he stepped right out, sat down and he slowed up and got pissy.  So I pulled tack again and went over his back with a fine tooth comb and it feels like he has a vertebrae out of place.   I hopped on bareback (a first for him) and he went around no problem.  Without a saddle my weight was in front of the misalignment.  So now to fiddle around with my wallet and find some cash to give to the chiropractor, fun times.
sleepy boy


  1. I guess that explains the bareback. He's such a princess. Sounds like he wants to be an ammy horse. ;)

  2. The scenery in your photos is always dramatic, I love it :) The pretty ponies help too of course!

    1. I'm glad you like it, the weather is always changing here, but it makes for some fun clouds and such!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes should be an mostly easy fix, fingers crossed