Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Show

So I'm finally writing about the show, it has to be short as I have got to do the finishing touches on a group project that I am presenting tomorrow.  Leave it to my verbal diarrhea to leave me in charge of presenting, I was thinking 'shut up shut up shut up' and my mouth just kept on spewing words.

I arrived to the show neither late or early Diva was pretty chill and the wind was howling.  I checked in, bridled her up (yes we trailered to the show with the saddle on) and warmed up.  She started with her head up and with some gnashing of the bit and with in about 5 minutes chilled out and went to work.
With Squaw Butte in the background
She followed my mom over to the dressage arena, there were many many distractions and a leader helps.  Then it was around the edge and in we went.  The first half was super crooked, I think she wanted me to check out the tiny white fence and the second half was great.  It scored 40 points, all 6's with two 5's and two 7's.  I was so pleased as this was the first time she had even seen a dressage arena.
I love the cocked hind leg
Then we stood around for 4 hours waiting for jumping, she grazed and ate hay the entire time.  Finally it was time to tack up, and then I waited a little more. Ground poles take forever and we had entered the cross rail division.
My big tall mare
I mounted up and headed to warmup.  She was unperturbed by the warm up, not even the crowded conditions.  That is until I tried to jump.  She did not want to play.  I think it was a combo of the long long wait and her somewhat sore body from swapping fields all on her own two days before.  I didn't want to get in a fight about it as I know that she really does seem to like jumping, just not that afternoon.  I headed out to  the field and the start box, I figured we would try the first jump and if she said no than we would just go for a nice trot around the course next to the jumps.  She walked in and out of the start box like a pro and trotted right up to, but not over the first jump.  I walked a circle and came back and she really didn't want to, so trotting around it was.  She was still great though, she went on the bit and went right around no spooks or anything.
So elegant

So calm except for the nervous bit chewing
Overall it was a great day, she got several days off afterwards and then went back to work like she missed it.  After a few more rides we will go back to baby jumps and I'm pretty confidant that they won't be a problem.

On the way to and from the show she hopped right into the trailer after looking in for a moment and one gentle tap from a dressage whip held by mom.  The half hour of schooling in hand the day before must have made a difference.


  1. Glad it was still a really positive experience for her, even if she didn't feel like jumping.

  2. Yeah trailer loading! Maybe she can start to associate seeing the whip with getting on, and then you can do it unassisted again. Like she used to. What a mare!

    1. Total mare, I guess she has to have one downfall

  3. Sounds like a positive experience! She'll be jumping at shows in no time :)

  4. Sounds like good experience,she's a cutie.