Friday, September 6, 2013

Everyday is the Best Day

Tomorrow is the Boise Pony Club Schooling Jumper Show, it will be epic.  Why, you ask. How, you ask.  It will be because it is the first show I have done on a horse of my own since 2010, the first show over fences (yes I'm calling ground poles and cross rails fences, go with me) since 2009.  Yes, you read those dates right.  Warning: if Diva makes any attempt at good behavior there may be tears from me; this pretty much guarantees some wet eyes.
omg her head is down

She just goes

and goes

added perk, she also stands still

In love with the princess
In other news: Mojito finally finally finally got his teeth done!  What does that mean?  The namesake of the blog will be returning with riding and adventures.  The other day he rolled his eyes at me and said I should change the name to My Diva.  I was pleased in a perverse way that he had some major points and hooks going on, I'm glad my diagnosis was correct.  The teeth issues going on certainly didn't trim his waistline any.  
We have had some insane weather here the last few days, but it has cleaned the air and gifted my eyes stupendous sunsets and sunrises, they may even need their own post.

Ok I'm off to choose what color polo to wear tomorrow and other important things (because in equine blog land political issues like Syria don't exist).

Thanks to Alyssa for the great photos.


  1. Congratulations Lindsey and best of luck!!!

  2. Good luck for tomorrow! Have a blast :)

  3. Have fun, and poles and crossrails totally count in my book!