Friday, February 7, 2014

Again with the snow!?

First off, and most importantly check out Hillary's new soap giveaway!
Yep you've got it, it snowed again!
Diva wants to know when she will be cool enough to head to Ocala?

At least it is pretty!
We are under a winter storm warning until Saturday night, more snow, yay.

I hope this comes true soon
The weather has reduced my posts to Grumpy Cat memes.  Le sigh.  I just want to ride my horse!
Charlie loves the snow

Zelda just wants to snuggle
I'm going to work on some posts with a purpose, make some lists (yes I'm becoming the list queen, yay me!), make more videos, try to continue being interesting while the winter drones ever on and on.


  1. Winter is never ending! We have more snow coming, too. Ugh. Shy loves it, but I am over it.

    1. Glad Shy likes it, my horses seem to be over it like their human

  2. I'm ready for spring too! The cold and snow is just so depressing.