Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My date with C-rage

C-rage the Parisian musician.
I just love his handsome mustache.
He warned me that the paparazzi often follow him around so we should probably have a quick walk around in our street clothes before they found us.
My attempts at kissing him went unnoticed as he enjoyed the lovely brick architecture
Finally we went back to the barn hotel to change into Valentine's day appropriate date outfits.
He needed a little help with his mustache, it gets a bit unruly

Then suddenly we weren't alone and he immediately struck a pose.
As the paparazzi wouldn't leave us alone we just continued on our romantic date and strolled past the Eiffel tower!
He was again distracted by the architecture

Ever the gentleman he reminded the paparazzi that his date (ME!) had nice shoes on and he thought the designer would want kudos so they backed off a bit.
Feeling like the only two in the world
I just love his sense of style!

All too soon the evening was over and as he dropped me off at my room the famous C-rage stole one last kiss.
Star struck!
I was totally overcome with excitement the whole time and barely registered his mumbled comments of 'short in the face.'  A few days later this came out in the tabloids:
Bollocks, I guess I'm out.

Editor's note: Lots of fun had here, but in all seriousness go vote:)