Saturday, February 1, 2014

*Sheepish* and epicness

Wow sending a huge thank you out to Niamh, she is just so very nice!  I'm sure most of you already follow her adventures with Riley, but if not check them out.

Also, check out she moved to Texas for a sweet giveaway from that company that puts our minds in the gutter Horze.

While the cold and grey reigned over the valley here I scoured YouTube for inspiring videos.  I've made a few playlists, more to come I'm sure.  Check it out.  Some of them are full of slick edits and rockin' music, some of them are just nice simple xc schools.  The video watching has led to some plans for epicness (Yes I'm coining this word) this spring and summer.  I hope to add some of my own videos to the playlist in the near future.  Of course my plans wouldn't be complete without sprinklerbandit and Alyssa, look for amazing stuff over their way as well!  Part of the big plans this summer, a wedding over at fourmaresnomoney!  So, you guessed it, I'm making lists!
This has since been added to
Glad you are all horse people, a few of those sound pretty strange if you read them like a non-horse person.
I've also been working on visualizing not jumping ahead.  I had though I'd eradicated this habit long ago, but last fall is started creeping in while jumping Diva and Courage.  Sprinklerbandit and I were talking about how your mind can't differentiate between what you visualize and what you have actually done.  Then the next day EN posted this article.  Looks like we are on the right track!

It has finally warmed up a bit, rained a bit, and now we have more than a bit of mud, but it is progress!  We also have legit clouds again!
Looking out across the valley

Yeah I can do sunset pictures again:)
My horses are getting stir crazy (yes even in their giant field).  I can't wait to get them back to work.  Several times I've started to get worried about not progressing in the last two months, then I remind myself that it is winter in Idaho.  To tell the truth I'm usually able to get a fair bit of riding done in February, yahooooooo!  I'm hoping to at least get on this weekend and go for a walk.  They all need their feet done and you guessed it 'bad race owner's' check still has not arrived.

A friend posted this on my Facebook wall:
The best part is this applies to me and my husband (minus the part about one of us not wanting one).  Racehorses, event horses bring them on.  Now to find good race clients;)

So this post is totally all over the place, but it is Saturday what can we expect?  Finally in prep for the biggest weekend in a sport I really couldn't care less about we made this:


  1. Love your list! Haha, I had to go back & re-read it as a non-horsey person to see what would make it dodgy in their eyes. ;-)
    Must check out your youtube playlist later when I get on laptop vs phone :-D