Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter be gone!

Winter may bring us cute photos like this:
What is cuter than a tiny pony in a blanket?

Another tiny pony in a blanket!
And pretty photos like this:
Pat the cat is the best!
But, I am done.  My car got stuck while feeding my horses, it took a half hour to get it out, in the dark, with the help of two other people.  Yes, it is two wheel front drive, but it is seriously the worst snow car!  In the car's defense the snow was 8 inches deep and very very wet and heavy.
Road to the barn
I wanted to park on the road (you know, 'cause it looks so great), but there is no shoulder and it is very curvy by the barn.  So, I drove in parked, fed, went inside and ate amazing food, and then I was stuck.

Maybe I ate too much.


  1. I don't think I've ever experienced weather like what you guys are having. It's making me feel slightly better about our stupidly hot days... a little.

    1. The worst part is we get the heat too, 111 F last summer!

  2. How about we make a device that allows it to only snow in big fields and mountains and crap, and not on roads or arenas. Just sayin'.

  3. I'm with you, slowly losing my ability to push on through.

  4. Tiny ponies in blankets is the best part of this weather!

    I can't even drive my car when it's this bad, I get stuck like crazy. Glad you got yours out!

  5. Send the snow to california, we'll trade you some sunshine for a couple days!